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  1. I am struggling with 2 bugs on the contact form but am trying to fix them now (3 pixel text jog and expanded box). It only seems to affect the main nav and image on my fiance's 17" laptop (IE 7 /8). Yes I need to work on aesthetics (I will be studying Graphic design for the next several months), but my goal is complete for a clean, accessible and user friendly site. I also tried to achieve my goal of following the 'F' rule for leading the users eye. *Andrea - they wanted to leave the info email. I advised of the potential spam and advised them that as their designer I have to vote agains
  2. Do not use tables for your layouts - continue to learn CSS
  3. I have not checked your code nor site - but I am sure you are not repeating the background at the Y axis # { background-repeat: repeat-y } Your footer - are you adding clear: both? #footer { clear: both; } This will allow the footer to float under the other divisions above it
  4. Perfect - thanks Ben. I will post the completed site for peer review today or tomorrow
  5. Hi guys, With proof reading, changing of pictures and validating - the Anclote Harbors Re Design (my 1st project) is about complete (need to fix errors). However I am coming across only 2 errors on my pages (Quite a change from the original company who left 85 errors - I guess web standards did not apply to them). However - below is my Head Section (doctype= html strict) and below that are the 2 errors (re: xmlns and target="_blank"). I have re searched and unless I overlooked it - I can not clear these 2 errors. As always - your input is greatly appreciated. thanks Brian
  6. Hello and welcome to the forum. You will want to learn the "Cascade" of CSS styling. For best practice - place your CSS in order - it makes reading your CSS much clearer and starts you off in the right foot for proper coding. Check out Killer Sites University and Stefan's podcasts regarding CSS. If you have any questions - post them here - you are in the right place. Good luck to you and your new venture!
  7. Good morning Andrea, Thank you for the positive feedback. I will get these errors fixed. And don't worry - I am not ignoring you in regards to the info link - this will indeed be fixed and the contact form will be used for this matter. Thank you as well for your support. It is pro's like you guys who make Killer Sites IMO the best forum on the web for webbies (And thank you all for putting up with my posting without a web host )
  8. Thank you Lynne for the feedback. I appreciate your support as well! Brian
  9. Thanks Ben! I will get er fixed up and post when complete. Your guidance has been phenomenal and thank you!
  10. Have to fix some the images so not squished and add the contact form as well as complete some links. The temp url is w ww.sev en27creati ve.com. Please feel free to share your thoughts - positive and negative. Thanks Brian
  11. -- Have you refreshed the page a couple times to make sure she isn't looking at a cached version of the site? -- Is she viewing things in a different browser than you? -- Have you made sure to upload your changes to the site? ---I just exited FF and will attempt again --woops - no - I did not upload jQuery to it's new location (just moved it) -- no I did not upload after change. Should I go back in an upload the pages with their updated links and correction to CSS?
  12. I take it back - when I Save the page in DW and check the browser in FF - everything is ok. When I log onto the link for the site - the links are still a mess?
  13. I moved the jQuery to my root folder. Could you try now to see if ok on your end? My fiance pulled it up on her laptop - and the links are doing what they did before on her end? However it is ok on my end. Any idea? thanks
  14. Perfect - the linking issue is fixed It appears it fixed the footer logo in the bottom right as well Are the image fades appearing on your end for the Local page and Home page? Ben - thank you!! Andrea, Eric and Virtual - thank you......
  15. Thanks - let me give it a shot...
  16. the forum does not want or need rest - we need a purpose aka questions. This is true...
  17. Andrea - I sent you a PM. Ben - I emailed you thank you! Brian
  18. I know Andrea and thank you and sorry for being a p.i.t.a - I am sending all the new htm pages and images to my brother. He is getting a hosting set up as we speak... thank you Brian
  19. Great job Stefan - I will probably be jumping on board soon - I have to give the forum some rest Brian
  20. Unable to download file here is my code: #header ul { list-style-type: none; float:right; } #header ul li { float: left; padding: 110px 0 0 15px; text-align: center; } #header li a:link, a:visited { font-family: Georgia, "Times New Roman", Times, serif; font-size: .75em; text-decoration: none; display: inline; padding-right: 17px; color: #5c8ac5; } #header li a:hover, a:active { font-size: .75em; color: #acac81; } HOME ABOUT SERVICES AMENITIES MAINTENANCE CONTACT
  21. Aiy Aiy Aiy.... I moved the original folders to my desktop. I deleted the folders that were in DW. (I was unable to delete images folder as it stated it is shared - also the original root folder stayed in place) I started fresh (file - new - html) and made all new pages (index.htm, about.htm, services.htm, etcc...) The new pages are in the root folder which sit below the images and css folder **I did not start with PHP yet as I am practicing trying to get the links to act properly. They still are not? They still do not act right. On the home page - with the about.htm linked - the About
  22. I think you are missing a concept here' date=' you can resize the image's width [b']OR[/b] height. If you try to resize both the width and the height to the exact dimensions you want you will distort either one or the other. Usually an image has to fit widthwise into a div, so that is the size you need to change and the height will resize proportionally if you do the folowing. Resize the image from Image - Image Size, then change the width and be sure to check Scale Styles, Constrain Proportions and set Resample Image to Bicubic if you have a gradient in your image, or Bicubic Sharper if you a
  23. Hi Shop I posted a couple of comments on your other post. Your content - you will want to adjust your padding: left so it is not centered You may also want to slow your fadeIn (maybe 3-4 seconds) and fadeOut (1 -2 seconds) on your images. Other than that it looks pretty good. As Virtual said - do not give up and you have come to the right place for assistance I see you lowered your footer content as well....
  24. Thanks Eric Great way of explaining it in DW - just right click the folders and delete and start fresh? If the pages drop below the folders - I can just move them above? (I ask this bc I believe they dropped below automatically originally) You guys are terrific. Hopefully soon I can assist you guys in answering topics - and give you a breather from me...
  25. Very possibly if your structure is too complicated. I don't have CS4' date=' in CS3 I resize the image to the size it has to be on the page then to compress file size I use File - Save for Web and select the settings to get the best possible quality with the least file size. I don't know if this function still exists in CS4?[/quote'] Thanks Virtual With CS4 - I try to make the image smaller by clipping it - but with the images I am using - when clipped - it does not look right. What I did was save the image for web and devices and change the size in here. It becomes stretched or
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