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  1. IE8: http://www.everlastingquest.com/imgbin/page2.jpg'>http://www.everlastingquest.com/imgbin/page2.jpg Firefox: http://www.everlastingquest.com/imgbin/page2.jpg and you want me to change or get rid of my <wrapper></wrapper> tags?
  2. I had it set up perfectly for the past few months and just about an hour ago it wouldn't load and then the layout went everywhere. I checked in firefox and it look like it did before and I can't figure out why it looks it does in internet explorer. They looked identical for months up until an hour ago. Please check this and give advice! http://www.everlastingquest.com
  3. Thanks very much! It is working fine now so as long as I don't screw up I should be good.
  4. Hopefully this is the last thing I need. I am trying to put in the info and if I put content in the middle box it doesn't fill out to the width I have the column set to. It will also if the content box gets longer than the left navigation box wrap around it and take up both spaces. Updated versions: http://cjwalizer.vacau.com/firstcss.php http://cjwalizer.vacau.com/style.css
  5. Thanks. If I have any more problems I'll be sure to come back here
  6. Thanks I fixed the footer but the right side navi is still not repeating the background image. The left side navi has more content in it than the right side does and I am using repeat-y. Does that matter in getting it to repeat the whole way down or not? Here is my code for that section div#affiliates { position:absolute; top:175px; right:0; width:15%; margin:0 0 0 0; border-left:1px solid #000000; background: #A5FFB0 url('../imgbin/leftbg1.jpg') top left repeat-y; padding:0 0 0 0; height:100%; text-align:right; }
  7. I got the footer down to the bottom now but its overlapping the left navigation. I have the updated .css file attached
  8. I am working on a website for the first time using CSS and I am having two main problems. I am making a 3 column design with header and footer. My problems are first, I want both left and right columns to repeat the backround to the bottom of the page and meet at the footer backround. And second, I can't get the footer to the bottom of the page by itself. links are: http://cjwalizer.vacau.com/firstcss.php - problem link http://cjwalizer.vacau.com/mycss.css - if the attachment doesn't work http://cjwalizer.vacau.com/index.php - is what I basically want it to be laid out as. The last link I did in all tables but it doesn't work well with Firefox unless I do some serious editing
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