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  1. Hello there, so I have quite a big problem. basically the webdesigner/developer that was developing my site, decided to be an asshole, and out of the blue demanded $2000+ I told him I wouldnt pay it, as the current work was bloody awful as well. he then proceeds to take down the whole site, leaving me with no site. He wont even give me admin access as to my site, I cant see the apperance tab or plugin tab as well. He has basically holding me hostage on my own site, i cant develop it or anything. Is there a way to regain control over wordpress and basically my own site? I am preety sure the so called web designer is the admin and he registered as the admin with his email.
  2. Hi guys, So i am starting an online business so hopefully if i can select the right ecomemrce software for a site. At the moment I am selling offline, by distributing leaflets to rich folks in central london, and taking orders over the phone. Its not big buisiness but atleast its a start. I wanted to ask about a cart solution thats good for someone getitng into ecommerce. Alot of people are saying go self hosted as you control everything about the site etc. I have been looking at solutions such as bigcomemrce, volusion and 3d cart. They look preety good for a beginner as they provide everything such as updates, security technical support etc etc. Thing is i dont want just another site like the online and like alot of people that think one day I will just sell online and setup an online store. I want a site that is actually a store that sells, and customers like to shop on, that looks trust worthy and secure. I was looking at a few open source solution like opencart,zen cart etc. The only problem with these i see is that after i say get a designer to set everything up, the whole site is upto me with regards tosay future updates, designs security issues etc etc. I dont mind going self hosted or hosted as long and even paying abit more money, if i know the quality of the cart, the service, design etc etc will be top quality. Can anyone advise on a solution, and for that matter a designer that will make a store into a actual online ecomemrce site, and not another blandsite like the hundreds out there. I have been leaning towards bigcommerce alot recently, as the feautre list they have, integration with other solutions, and the actual forums where requests and problems areasked about seem to be dealt with quite abit. thanks
  3. mittin

    Two basic CSS Mistakes

    I have been reading a book named CSS mastery advanced web standards solutions second addition, and basiclly the author of the book has a totall oposite view on ID and classes. He talkks about over using ID's and then getting extremly long and complicated naming conventions, and then you run out of unique names. whereas with classes yuo can still have the flexibilty he states, and that many new users who use classes will over use classes as its an indication that the html document is poorly sturctred.
  4. Thank you for your response, yeah I was thinking it would take alot of planning beforhand, just by watching the video, it seems you qould have to work out headings, every block, tag everything. So I guess like you said I will go through the variuos videos I have from stefans amazing video collection and lyndas videos. I am stil a little confused on the object oreinteted part though, so for now I will leave it alone, and just learn abit here and there.
  5. Hi there, so after a long time, I am trying to get back to learning html/css. I came across a video regarding OOCSS, is anyone using this method? From the video she basiclly says dont use Id's for styling, and a few other things I havnt got my head around. Is this basiclly a better way to learn css? The tuotirals I am going through and videos use all the methods she says not to use, infact by the videos and tutorials I have seen, people are just suing bad coding methods according to her presentation. So am I really learning css properly by using videos or even tutorials that are like 3+ years old. There is nothing really on Object orientated css coding I can find other than the womans presentations. This is the link to the video.
  6. Hahaha No problem Andrea:). I understand people think that web development/design is a way to way quick money, but i dont:). I have alot of time to learn at the moment, so thats what I am planing to do. Im learning xhtml/css atm, planning to make a rogu test site using these 2 this week or next week. Once I have gotten that down I am going to play around with JS/Jquery and see how that goes. i am not really looking forward to learning php, or any database driven sstuff, but if I must I will lol. I perfectly well understand this isnt just a quick, easy,get rich fast career:).
  7. Hi there, sorry if my reply sounded like sarcasm, as Andreas sounded like sarcasm to my initial post. Yes I understand that I have to learn HTML/CSS, JS,php, and am under no illusions that it will take time, and not just one week. Just wanted to get a feel of what the industry is like at the moment, as Like I said alot of people on other sites and forums are saying to newcomers, dont even think about coming into the field as the pay has gone down, and way to much competiton, but then when watching stefans video regarding the field and recession, he made it sound like its perfect to get into now. Thanks for the help.
  8. Yes I am contemplating giving up everything, I am also contemplating selling all my belongings and going to live in my car as well. I am doing this all because I have been learning HTML/CSS for yes, an ENTIRE 1 WEEK. Yes That was sarcasm, and yes I think you'r misunderstading something.
  9. Hi, So I just watched stefans video on web development and design in the recession, and it all sounded great, he made it sound like this maybe a good time to get into this field. I want to get into this area, and have been learning xhtml/css for the past week or so, seems like its going good at the moment:). What i wanted to ask is this really the right time to get into this field, on alot of other sites and forums, alot of people are saying dont get into it, and just stick with your normal job. Also 10 years on from the dot.com boom and bust, has the field not become oversaturated with people from India and China just banging out websites with team of like 5-10 people at very low costs? I just wanted to get a feel of what people think about this, as Stefans video sounded really great, and made it sound like in this recession times this could be the industry to get into.
  10. Hello, and thx you for the advice:).
  11. hello to all, i am new here:) I am to learnnig css/html for the past week so far, think I have learnt quite abit. My question is regarding css. Does the code in the stle sheet have to be in any particular order say like in the Html sheet, or can you put the code for certain Id's and classes anywhere u want on the sheet and it will do the changes? thx for the help.
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