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  1. You can always convert your logo's text objects to path and manipulate nodes or use path effects. Then there are a lot of free fonts available on graphic design sites. Just download, install and use. If I need something, I just google. What does the client (or you if it's for you) want? The style has to go with the brand style in general. I suck at drawing by hand but I often draw ideas on paper and sleep over them. When I think of logos, I first think visually of of the symbolic and color scheme, honestly. Text seems secondary. It seems like you're suffering from the guilt o
  2. DidiNYC

    Ruby Tuesday

    Shows up in Riga, Latvia. When this happens, it's because of copyright. YouTube has agreements with music publishers and labels. While we're at it: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2020-09-15/carnival-s-ruby-princess-cruise-ship-spread-coronavirus-around-the-world?fbclid=IwAR1BsNnDMPvTu7CH3KclrcnK5qRFxhtHjMnzMuCGu89jkD9Ti5H07GC9jp0 A different Ruby spreading plague around the world earlier this year. Stef's onto something.
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