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  1. When I approach a logo project, I sometimes choose a suitable font directly from the list of fonts available on my computer system, and then I create something like a corresponding icon/symbol/label to go with the font to complete the logo creation. But this made me question my methods when designing a logo. The problem for me is that I've never felt completely satisfied, that I can claim that my logo designs are 100% my own work, the fact that I pull the font directly from my computer systems font list, which was painstakingly made by the font designer and use it as part of my own design with a few clicks of the mouse just does not sit directly with me, it makes me feel that only half of the logo design is my own, and the other half is the work of the font print designer. It would be very interesting to hear from other designers who feel they are doing the same thing when designing a logo, or maybe you are not, maybe some logo designers are actually designing their own font, and any symbols to go with it, which I fully respect. However, if you do not develop your own fonts and do not use fonts directly from your computer system, how will you choose them? What places (URLs) do you visit to buy them and how do you feel about it? Let me know your thoughts, please...
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