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  1. Hi Sue, I would say don't try to re-invent the wheel. I'd use Publisher. There are already alot of good themes in 2003 and even more in 2007. Also I use this site sometimes (http://www.stocklayouts.com/). They have really high end print templates that you can use.
  2. @div2, You might want to also try uploading the webpage in ASCII mode. Sometime FTP programs will auto sent to Binary or Auto.
  3. I'm not sure what to search for or where to find it. But take a look at this page: http://q93.com/main.html There is a flash scrolling banner to the top left side. I have seen this before using AJAX or jQuery but I don't know what the correct term is. I tried searching for jQuery sliders but came up blank.
  4. Get a client who has videos he wants to sell. He wants to people to be able to download them but wants them wrapped in DRM? Anybody have any experience with this? There are 1 billions searches for "How to take off DRM" but I want to put it on.
  5. Stef (or anybody else), I'm just now getting on the new KS forum. Was there a transfer of account info (username & passwords) from one forum DB to another? Or do we just have to register an account with the username we want? From: cboudy (Chris Boudy) Thanks
  6. I just noticed it on Yahoo, this morning. I think it looks great. Gives it a more Web 2.0 look.
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