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  1. @ Wickham Your response is very much appreciated! Can we shoot Bill Gates now? Alfie
  2. Tanks TKG and Susie. I shall also pursue those clues! Alfie
  3. Eh? "I always paste the content into Notepad prior " Explaineth pleath (Has to do with Dremweaver?) Alfie
  4. I just validated the html of a website of mine and found a whopping 152 errors! After my jaw had stopped bouncing on the keyboard, , I discovered that almost all were due to "Nonstandard SMGL characters 147, 148, 133, etc. These were ordinary quotation or apostrophes within normal paragraphs. My doctype is as follows, and is something I just copy-paste as I don't really understand what the gobbeldygook means! Is this a setting on my computer that generates improper characters? I received the text from the client as Word documents, which I then copy-paste into notepad for HTML coding. HepMe! Alfie
  5. Seems to me that this forum would pretty much do what you need. You will not have any ONE tutor, but rather quite a number of experts at your beck and call. I do not believe any one associated with this forum would be interested in being your personal tutor, but by all means check out Stephan Mishook's tutorials within this website.
  6. Thanks guys! I now have a clue as to where to begin looking. Alfie
  7. Hi: Whenever I use a and I click on the link, my computer always chooses "Microsoft Word" as the default e-mail program, rather than the preferred "Outlook Express". Is this a setting on my personal computer or do I have the format for the anchor-link wrong? Alfie
  8. A rather general question. Do you use and understand HTML coding and CSS formatting? Or are you using some kind of design software like Deamweaver to design your site? Right here at "Killersites", there are wonderful tutorials to understand web design. Best of luck! Alfie
  9. daddyalfie


    Please listen to Falkencreative, and any of a number of others in this forum. They are experts! I have learned so much from these people it is incredible.
  10. Sounds as if it may be a browser default, BUT, I guess I don't see how it is a problem???
  11. Why so it does! SOMINAGUN! Thanks. Alfie
  12. Well, the only way I know how to do it is with "images". I made a "lozenge" in Photoshop, saved it as a .gif image, then (also in Photoshop,) sliced it into three separate images, top, middle and bottom. Then I made three separate divs. "Top", "middle", (with "repeat x" in the CSS, and then "bottom". It makes an expandable div that "grows" as you put more stuff in it. Take a look at http://www.katsfamilyhair.com to see what I did. Hope it helps! Alfie
  13. Well, I did just that, possibly before you viewed the current page, but what I really wanted to know is whether there is a way to vertically align the icons. I tried "valign", but I believe that is deprecated, and it did not work anyway. Take another look at http://www.plainvanillagraphics.com/ ("paintings" page.) please. I would like to vertically align the icons either along their tops or centers. Any suggestions? Thanks! Alfie
  14. OK! Here's a probable problem. I believe you are not using the right www folder. Click on "My Computer" on your desk-top. Choose the "local disk" icon and click it You should have a folder therein named WAMP. Click on that to open it. There should be a folder in there called www. That's where your files should go! NOW! Don't bother clicking directly on your downloaded files. All you will get is the raw text documents because the php engine within WAMP is not yet functioning. Close everything back up and start your WampServer (Which I believe you now know how to do.) And from within IT you should be able to run the site with all the php functions running properly. To edit the files, you have to get back to that same www folder as you did above, do your changes and save them. (Make a copy of the original file first!!!) Save your changes under the exact same name. (You will have the copy you made to "undo" anything you screwed up! ) Now view your changes from within the WampServer as before. Hope it helps! Alfie
  15. At http://www.plainvanillagraphics.com, (on the "Paintings" page) have four thumbnail icons that lead to full renderings of some paintings. Other than using a table to position the icons, how can I align the icons either along their tops or centers, preferably using CSS? Cheers! Alfie
  16. Stay with it Baggy! I just began to use the WAMP server and I also beat my brains out and lost a lot of hair! What Stef and Falken said: The paths must be correct! If you can download all the original files, all in their original folders into the www and keep that structure, things should work! Keep the faith! Alfie
  17. Yankee: I am, BY FAR, the least experienced one to answer you. You have heard from two of our top experts herein. One comment: Eric's answer seems to imply working with PHP, which requires a few things. First the document needs to be saved with a .php extension rather than .html. Then it needs to be on a server that offers a "php-engine". (Most do). You can load a program like WAMP (Free.) on to your computer which will allow you to run php files locally on your home computer. Hope I'm not "preaching to the choir!" Alfie
  18. Late answer, but yes! Speed, content and friendship is now awesome again. Thank you all! Alfie
  19. If you are talking about the "link" text or a button (Linking text being underlined or a graphic button being outlined.) And if you are using CSS to style your pages then; 1) Use text-decoration: none; (For a text-link) 2) border: none; (for a graphics link) In the case of the image-link, you can also use border="0" in an image attribute in an href call like so; Hope I am interpreting your question correctly. Alfie
  20. I was totally fractured a few days back when I could not access this site. I had a (trivial) problem to solve. I had no way to turn!!!!! My world was in danger of extinction! Then our "Higher Power" and Stefan (Or the other way around!) fixed the universe. I entered a search query for my problem, got the answer I needed and I am safe in web-land again. You guys and gals are awesome! I can not believe how much effort you put into this forum! I shall not try to name any of you personally as I fear leaving someone out, - but you know who you are. Thank all of you! Alfie
  21. Yes you will need a web-host. Some are free, but come with the burden of added advertising.
  22. Took me a while, but I have made it work!!!! The site involves a monthly "magazine", so you can see how I did not want to re-do all the menus in all the pages as months are added. I used Eric's No. 2 example above. I have yet to post it with a php include, but a short php experiment on his server worked great! If the full-up site does not work properly I shall break my arm pointing a finger at you! Thanks LSW for that clue about minimalization. Good advise! Thanks all! Alfie
  23. Eric, thank you! I, and I am sure many others, will be studying that. Alfie
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