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  1. I do have flash but still would need a tutorial as my knowledge of flash is limited. I have not been able to find a tutorial on how to trace text - flash or any other way.
  2. Hello. I am trying to find any information and/or tutorials on animated text tracing. What I am after is a moving light that traces my text - not a light burst from behind the text or the flashlight effect that lights up as it's rolled over the text. Just a light that traces over the text. I would like to be able to do this in PS/imageready using motion tween. Any information and/or tutorials would be appreciated. Sorry but I have been unable to find a good examples or tutorials showing how to do this.
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    Thank you. This is just what I was looking for. What does "Mysql Back application" mean and how does this differ than a calender not using Mysql?
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    Hello. Sorry if this is not the correct place for this topic. I would like to create a calendar similar to the calendar here on killersites (Specificilly I like that you can add events to the calendar, that it show previous, current, and next months) but I don't wish for other people to add or post an event to the calendar......just the admin. Any help is appreciate or directions to tutorials. Thanks!
  5. I'm not sure this is the right place to post this topic. I would like to make a animated rotating text using gif. Example.... http://www.3danimatedtext.com/welcome_gallery_2.htm I know these are free on the website but I would like to make my own that says something different. Seems possible but when I did a search I could not find a tutorial. Any help with finding a tutorial or help with creating the gif would be appreciated. Thanks! Lisa.
  6. Sorry...Let me try to give some additional information. I am updating a website....nothing major just adding margins, changing colors, updating text - cleaning house. I am not downloading to the site but I try to preview the changes locally in dreamweaver. Firefox does show the changes I have made but IE does not. Can you explain more on cashing and where I can look to see if there are any issues? TIA
  7. When working in dreamweaver and I preview the changes I made, the changes show in firefox but those changes do not show when I preview in IE. Any ideas what is happening? Help is appreciated!
  8. I have flash now (flash8). I was able to do the sparkle. Can anyone help me with a starting point in recreating the menu from Kryon? I can re submitt my post in Flash forum if that would be better. Thanks in advace.
  9. Thanks for the quick reply! Is it possible to do a menu like that without using flash?
  10. Hello! I am wondering if anyone can tell me if the following is possible in dreamweaver..... I have a jpg photo that is my logo. There are stars on my logo that I would like to sparkle or twinkle. Is this possible in dreamweaver or photoshop? I know a little bit about using the timelines in dreamweaver but is the menu on the following web-page possible to create in dreamweavers timeline? http://www.kryon.com/menu.html Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions. Lisa
  11. Yes I agree about it being the browser. I think the one external link doesn't change back to blue because of the cookies/history...the other links are bookmarks so when refreshed they do change back to blue. It really isn't a big deal...just trying to get all links to work/look the same.
  12. Experience | Certifications | Awards | Contact Me | website a:link { color: #0000FF; } a:visited { color: #990066; } a:hover { color: #662502; }
  13. Hello to all. I am new to this site but look forward to all killersites has to offer. I have taken some classes, studied, and spent way too many hours in front of my computer in my attempt to build my first website. I have been able to troubleshoot all my problems except one! Seems like a silly one but I?ve read everything I could get my hands on, tried all I know for a few days and nothing. I have 5 links that run along the top of my page. First let me say that they all seem to work fine. My problem is with the colors. 4 of the 5 are anchors (bookmarks ? on same page); the last link is external that goes to another website. All links are blue at first and when you click on them they turn purple but (and here is the problem) all links except the 1 external link does not return to blue when you refresh the page and/or close and reopen the website. For some reason this one link stays purple. Nothing changes if I use CSS ? a: link, a: visited or leave it to the default.-Same problem. Any help is appreciated.
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