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  1. Thanks Eddie, I have corrected my link. The script is 2010 so younger than Superfish from which it is inspired. I could not see the sf-Hover in the Superfish link you gave me either. Both of them have this hoverClass : 'sfHover', but I'm not sure if that is what you meant.
  2. Hi Guys, I need some help with a Jquery menu that I am building. http://em asai.com/multi colorJQMenu/dropmenu-lynda.php (remove 2 spaces) using the following plugin http://www.so operthemes.com/open-source/jquery/jquery-sooperfish-dropdown-menus I need the background of the top links (parent) to stay gray #444 all the time the drop down menu is extended. Is there any way I can do this? I'm stuck for the moment. Thanks
  3. Looks good to me in IE7 on both VMWare running XP, and also on a PC running XP.
  4. I use Chris Coyier's Anything Slider it is very easy to customise http://css-tricks.com/examples/AnythingSlider/
  5. To be fair to the newbs, sometimes they just don't know what the problem is or why it is happening, so they can't really Google for it. Same thing would apply to your FAQ's and Tips. And in I'm in total agreement with Eric, this is one of the nicest and politest forums there is. You should see how some forums burn down in flames a newb question. Andrea has a very special sense of humour, but her replies while often witty are never rude and always address the issue. I would be interested to see which posts were considered rude and unfeeling.
  6. I wouldn't recommend cutting Eddie's image down to 1 or 2px, because then the texture on the right hand side won't repeat the same way. It could be cut down to half probably so that the top part fits in seamlessly with the bottom part.
  7. You are missing all the js to make <ul class="group" id="example-two"> work. Go to Chris's demo and download the complete files http://css-tricks.com/examples/MagicLine/
  8. Thanks for the link Susie, I will look into them. Ben, the menu works fine in html/css/js. My problem is getting it into Wordpress.
  9. Hi Guys, I am trying to convert an html/css site to Wordpress into a custom theme and have run into a large problem. I have a Jquery vertical accordion menu that I want to integrate into the sidebar. I have scoured Wordpress and Google for something like this, but everthing seems to be either 2 - 3 years old or horizontal drop downs. I can get the menu to work, but the parent pages are not closed and show all the children pages. I guess because I had to add them as pages, so they would show up in the menu (I'm using the new custom menu feature). The Book Cover and Branding pages' only function is as a trigger to drop down the child pages. You can see the original here, I'm using a modification of the 2nd version. http://www.i-marco.nl/weblog/jquery-accordion-3/ I am still working locally on the Wordpress functionality so I can only show you a screenshot of the WP problems. Can anyone help, point me to a plugin or do it for me for a fee?
  10. virtual

    JS Conflict

    Absolutely it helped, thanks for that - I didn't realise I had to call the Jquery library before I called the scripts.
  11. virtual

    JS Conflict

    Thanks Eric, I tried changing the order of the scripts and I either get no drop down on active at all or the same result as before. http://emasai.com/depinho/books-education.html - same result as before both menus dropped http://emasai.com/depinho/books-education2.html - gives me no active open drop down menu I do not know where to put the noconflict menu, because I don't know what's causing the conflict....
  12. virtual

    JS Conflict

    Hi Guys, I think I have a js conflict between the left side menu and the slider which are both using Jquery and easing. Here are the links to the pages that are giving me problems: This page is correct: http://emasai.com/depinho/branding-education.html The menu correctly stays open when the Branding section is active and all the others stay closed. This page with the slider is not right because while the Book Cover section should stay open because it's active, the Branding section is also open even though it is not. http://emasai.com/depinho/books-education.html Can anyone help me, I can't correct as I can't script, so I'm like a hen who has found a knife and fork.... Thanks
  13. No Ben, I know how to make the xml file, that's easy. What I need to know is which feed aggregator to use and if there are any specific to the medical field.
  14. It works fine in Chrome on Mac if that's any help.
  15. I need something to generate an RSS feed based on my clients content which are press releases.
  16. Anyone?? Ben or Stefan you have one here, who do you use?
  17. I have just been asked to put an RSS feed on a client's website. However, when I saw the never ending list of rss feed directories I wondered if anyone here can recommend a good one. This is for a medical field website.
  18. I found out I had to change the General Settings, because the site I uploaded was still pointing to my localhost. Now it's working and I'v almost got everything the way it's supposed to be. However, I find that if I had uploaded the whole thing from my local computer rather than have Godaddy install Wordpress for me, then it would have made the operation a lot simpler, because I had to go back in and change lots of things from my development site which I could just have easily have changed locally before uploading. I guess each hosting service is different too....
  19. Right, got another problem, how do I change the Permalinks, I went to Tools, settings but there is no where to change them to reflect te new name except in the .htaccess file which I cannot find.
  20. Whoopee, silly fool me, I forgot to change the Table Prefix in the wp-config file. Now it's working, I still have to change the links. Thanks Ben, it just seems extremely complicated to do all this, I just thought it would happen magically like the rest of Wordpress does....
  21. OK I did that, and then I changed the siteurl in the options file from http://localhost/emasai_wp to http://zakstore.com/ and when I click in the browser window it goes to this http://zakstore.com/wp-admin/install.php What did I do wrong? God I hate this WordPress BEast
  22. I don't get the wordpress set up window at all, I put all the info into Godaddy's interface, name of DB, username etc, Admin name and password and they don't give the option of the Table Prefix. So when it is set up, everything is already there, except for all my content of course. This is where I went wrong because I was following a tut which told me to put all the info in the config file and then upload the whole WP installation from my computer. So now to export my DB from PHPadmin, which format do I choose?
  23. Hi Ben Sorry to be a pain, I managed to hook up my local development site again and then I did a new fresh install of WP on line, but In the set up it does not give me that option. Where do I do that? Stick around, there'll be more questions as I come across problems....
  24. Thanks Ben, I got that to work. Now the database has 2 sets of tables, the ones I entered as em_ and the wp_. Can I safely delete the wp_ ones once I have updated the online wp-conf to show $table_prefix = 'em_'; ? Is there somewhere I can read how to properly do all the steps involved in uploading WP, databases etc.
  25. To cut a long story short, having made a custom WP theme I managed to upload it to Godaddy but thought I had to change my wp-config file. So I wrote over it (blazing fool that I am). Now I find out that almost everything I have done locally has been wiped out in the online Godaddy WP installation and I need to upload my whole database, or redo everything from the Dashboard online (waste of time). However as I have wiped out the wp-config I can no longer see my local site as it gives me a database error. I can see the database from Mamp with PHPmyAdmin, but I have no idea how to reconnect it to the wp-config file This is what I think I had there /** The name of the database for WordPress */ define('DB_NAME', 'emasai_wp'); /** MySQL database username */ define('DB_USER', 'root'); /** MySQL database password */ define('DB_PASSWORD', 'root'); /** MySQL hostname */ define('DB_HOST', 'localhost'); /** Database Charset to use in creating database tables. */ define('DB_CHARSET', 'utf8'); /** The Database Collate type. Don't change this if in doubt. */ define('DB_COLLATE', ''); /** * WordPress Database Table prefix. $table_prefix = 'em_'; (I did change this to em_) I'm not sure about the COLLATE section, if I put anything in there, and I have attached an image of PhpMyAdmin. Does anyone know how I can reconnect this again????? Or can I just somehow copy my whole database and upload it to the new empty database?
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