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  1. I want to have a link on my home page for users to download my album. What is the best way to do this? If I attach a .zip file to a link on the front page, it will take forever to load the home page, correct? Could I maybe have the album .zipped into one file on a subdomain (ex. brysonprice.com/album.html) and when the user clicks the download link on the home page, it will take them to a page where the download automatically starts? Or is there an easier way? thanks guys
  2. When I was testing the homepage, for some reason, the BIOGRAPHY, MUSIC and CONTACT links don't link properly on all browsers. On Firefox and Safari, when you click the BIOGRAPHY, MUSIC and CONTACT objects, it takes you to the pages. But not in INTERNET EXPLORER or GOOGLE CHROME. Do you know why this is happening? Here is my website: My link
  4. Eddie, So is it impossible to achieve what I'm trying to achieve? To me, it seems like it shouldn't be this hard to do what I want : / For example, the website below has a footer at the bottom and the page scrolls nicely (and nothing gets cut off). Why couldn't I do something similar, except replace all the info with my cartoon? my link
  5. I'm trying to get my character to always stand on top of the sticky footer. How do I achieve this? here is my website: My link (let me know if any other info is needed to solve this problem)
  6. Ok, I'll check it out in more depth. Do you know of any good tutorials for the debug bar that have helped you ?
  7. whats the difference between the debug bar and validator ?
  8. thanks for sharing this : ) But how do I know how to fix the problems I see?
  9. Thanks Wickham, this helped the positioning problem : ) EXCEPT, now the MUSIC and CONTACT flash objects don't show in IE. Could this be related to the notice I get saying "To help protect your security, internet explorer has restricted this webpage from running scripts or Active X....". Do I have to type in a code so this message won't pop up? I updated the link in my 1st post to show your changes.
  10. The reason why I did that is because those were the instructions when applying the sticky footer. In addition to making the footer sticky, I also made the cartoon sticky so that he would always be standing on the line. Is there a way to make the cartoon always stand on the line and also keep the sticky footer?
  11. My homepage looks good on all browsers except IE. Does anyone know why? My link
  12. what is this? A URL thumbnail? I've been trying to search for a tutorial of how to make one of these, but I don't know the proper terminology.
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