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  1. Most likely it's just a matter of waiting. How long has it been up? You said you've "just finished" it. It may take a month or so, especially if you don't have many links to your site from other sites on the web. One thing that might help is to get yourself set up with Google's webmaster tools (http://www.google.com/webmasters/) and maybe Google Analytics while you are at it (http://www.google.com/analytics/). The webmaster's tools will allow you to upload an XML sitemap to help with indexing. I've used this site, http://www.xml-sitemaps.com/, to create the sitemap in the past.
  2. I'm not sure you are going to be able to fix this -- it seems like either you can remove the outline entirely, or keep the outline, but you can't have no outline during regular use and only use the outline when using tab / Control-tab. I did some experimentation, and I don't have a solution either, unfortunately. Perhaps there is a javascript solution, but it seems that would be adding unnecessary weight to a page for a minor visual effect. In my case, I tend to keep the outline on, with the exception of my main menu, where I turn it off (this is assuming that the menu has a rollover state, so users who navigate via the keyboard don't get confused.)
  3. htaccess - just one line: "ErrorDocument 404 /documentname.html"
  4. Hmm. Sounds like some sort of validation on your side (before the form submits to web-form-buddy) may be the way to go. One simple idea, though perhaps not ideal (since it would use Javascript for the validation, and that could be turned off) is to disable the submit button on the form until all the required fields have been filled in. Something along the lines of what I did here: http://salthe1040gal.com/co nta ct.html (remove spaces)
  5. Why? Readymade scripts are out there for a reason -- no sense reinventing the wheel, and it would save you a significant amount of time.
  6. change "localhost" to your own isp's SMTP address (as tpattison said, it's the same one you enter in your email program) In general, I've had issues setting up the mail() function to send email properly when running on a local server -- I tend to test any mailing functionality from my hosting, where I know they should have it set up properly to start with.
  7. Good point -- I fixed that. Also did a couple of minor things... got set up with Google Analytics, some minor tweaks to the content, set up a pretty 404 page (http://www.falkencreative.com/error)...
  8. Keep in mind that for signatures to work, you can't use an external CSS file -- everything has to be internal. Thus, probably won't work, and that may be why you are having issues.
  9. Instead of using a local file, host the image on your web hosting and link to it that way:
  10. Based on the way it is currently coded, "on" is actually the correct value. -- You check the checkbox, which gives the checkbox a value of "on", and click submit -- PHP grabs the values of the checkboxes for apples and oranges. the $a variable holds the value "on" -- two lines down, the $monster variable gets the value of a, so it too holds the value "on." That's the last change you do to the $monster variable, so that's what it will echo out in the form. If you want to include the "2 apples are left 3 apples are left 4 apples are left 5 apples are left 6 apples are left 7 apples are left 8 apples are left 9 apples are left 10 apples are left 11 apples are left" text inside the form field, you will need to add it to the $monster variable, rather than echoing it out. In that case, you'd want something along these lines: > Untitled Document if (isset($_POST['submit'])) { $a = $_POST['apples']; $o = $_POST['oranges']; $count = 1; if(isset($a)){ while($count $monster = $monster . $count . " apples are left "; $count++; } } if(isset($o)){ while($count $monster = $monster . $count . " oranges are left "; $count++; } } } ?> </pre> <form action="<?php%20%24_SERVER%5B'PHP_SELF'%5D;%20?>" method="post" name="testing"> apples: oranges: </form> <br><br><form action="" name="test"> message: </form> <br><br><br
  11. Hello everyone... Since it's the new year, I thought I should finally launch my redesigned website. Anyone have comments, especially related to usability / accessibility? (I'm looking at you, LSW). I tried to focus especially on accessibility, and though I don't necessarily understand everything just yet, I hope that it's a good start. The TAW Accessibility plugin for Firefox was especially helpful, in case anyone hasn't seen it: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1158. This is probably the most detailed site I have done to date, and has taken a significant portion of my time over the last month or so. There are still minor things I can tweak, but it's 99% complete. The next step will either be to write a blog engine/CMS in PHP (I know I would be reinventing the wheel, but I need the PHP experience) or use Wordpress or CMS Made Simple. I'm open to any constructive feedback... I'm still reviewing the whole HTML vs XHTML issue, so no comments about that yet please. :/ http://www.falkencreative.com
  12. At this point, there is very little point doing testing in IE8 -- the browser hasn't been finalized yet and still has bugs, so it may change in the final version. I'd suggest sticking with IE6/IE7, and then go back and optimize if necessary for IE8 once it is officially released.
  13. For future reference, can you try to be clearer about exactly what you are trying to achieve? Any possible answers I give you are a bit of a shot in the dark, trying to figure out what you are trying to do. This might get you closer: > Untitled Document if (isset($_POST['submit'])) { $a = $_POST['apples']; $o = $_POST['oranges']; $count = 1; $monster = $a; if(isset($a)){ while($count echo ++$count . " apples are left "; } } if(isset($o)){ while($count echo ++$count . " oranges are left "; } } } ?> </pre> <form action="<?php%20%24_SERVER%5B'PHP_SELF'%5D;%20?>" method="post" name="testing"> apples: oranges: </form> <br><br><form action="" name="test"> message: </form> <br><br><br You can't immediately check for the $_POST values -- you need to make sure the form has been submitted first. I usually do that by assigning the submit button a name, and then checking if it has a value. If so, you can go ahead and grab the values. FYI - unless you assign the checkbox a value, it will either return "on" or "".
  14. Also should mention: You shouldn't need to use this for your form's action: "<?php $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; ?>" If it is going to redirect to the same page on submit, you can just leave it blank like this: ""
  15. I'm not totally sure what you are attempting to do, since what you say you want to do and what your code do are very different things... Are you looking for something like this? > Untitled Document $monster = "testing"; ?> </pre> <form action="" name="test" method="POST"> send to: </form> <br><br If so, your main issue is that you need to set the variable before the form is rendered. As my example shows, you'll just need to move the PHP code where you set your variable above your form. Also, remember your form needs a method (either POST or GET)
  16. Depends on the pattern (and obviously this is a bit more work) but you may be able to use the pattern and then use Hue/Saturation to adjust the color to your liking.
  17. Actually, I found a solution for you... You'll have to adapt your code after looking at my example: $i = 4; switch(true) { case ($i > 0 && $i echo "success!"; break; default: echo "failure"; break; } ?>
  18. You could do a switch for 1 through 5 like this: switch ($_POST['page_count']) { case "1": case "2": case "3": case "4": case "5": echo "There are 1-5 pages pages."; break; }; (no ";" is necessary after the switch statement, FYI) As I said above though, if you have a lot of these, it may make more sense to do a long if / else if statement instead of switch.
  19. I'll have to do a bit of experimenting and get back to you... I don't know off the top of my head. How many cases will you have? Would it make more sense to use a if / else if statement instead?
  20. Google it -- there seem to be quite a few articles out there that explain it.
  21. I think this was the image you were going to link to (just a guess?)
  22. XKCD is awesome... it's on the list of sites I check every day (err... Mon, Wed, Fri, when it gets updated...)
  23. Depends on exactly what functionality she is looking for... You probably want to ask her to describe it in more detail exactly what features she is looking for, and how she is expecting it to work. If it is something simple, I did something like that for my client login section of my website using PHP... basically, client logs in using username/password, and sees a page that is unique to them. On my end, I have an administration center which allows me to modify the contents of the page the client sees. That said though, it would need some work... my solution (at least, the one I have at the moment) required the admin to manually add each user by creating a new folder and duplicating files per user -- not exactly extendable. I do have plans to automate that process via the admin panel, but that will have to wait till my new site launches (should be tonight sometime!)
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