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  1. Hi, Welcome to the forum. You have two options: 1. Change your pages to PHP pages and use PHP includes. Check out my video on PHP includes. The problem with this approach, that you will need to change the pages from being .html pages to .php pages. 2. You can use perhaps something based on Ajax or even more simply, use an iframe to contain your menu. Which solution to choose? If I didn't have much direct traffic coming to the sub-pages of the site, I would just go ahead with PHP includes - they are overall the best option. Otherwise, I would look to using an iframe.
  2. Hi, Falkencreative is correct ... I just have a habit of doing this for reasons of code clarity and because I have a history of using languages (Java etc ...) that required variable declarations and initialization. For simple operations like in this example, it is overkill, but as things get more complex, declaring variables can keep things easier to understand. Stefan
  3. Yep, keep it all lower case. CamelCase sucks now. Stefan
  4. Never heard of it. These days, JQuery seems to be the number one framework with several of the major players adopting it. ... I actually plan on creating a few videos on the subject. Stefan
  5. Hi, I am using it now and it is superior to Dreamweaver CS3 ... especially when it comes down to handling CSS. I created a few videos on the subject in the Dreamweaver CS4 videos section of the website. Stefan
  6. You check your web stats. That said, based on recent data I've seen, target 1024*768 and up. Although, this will be affected by the your site's audience. Merry Xmas.
  7. Hmmm ... Firefox does. Another thing to look at. Stefan
  8. They have a per forum RSS but not a global one.
  9. Hi, I just wanted to break in this forum with a post about our Actionscript 2.0 video tutorials. We also have an interesting video on the evolution of Actionscript (from AS 1 to AS 3). Expect much more to come. Stefan
  10. The error is always relevant! echo $icon_img_link; ?> You can't echo an image. You can echo out an image string ... but not the actual image. Based on the error, I am guessing that somehow the error has to do with you passing/use an image in a bad way with PHP. :/ - It is hard to discern with the code fragments. If you could, in bullet points, tell us what the code is trying to do. Don't write an essay, because people will not read it. Make sure it is in clear easy to read steps. Stefan
  11. What was your solution? .... Good for the forum to have the answer. Thanks, Stefan
  12. I'm happy to hear you are liking it. It was a tough decision to shut down the old forum, if for no other reason, that we've been using it for about 6 years! Stefan
  13. I was going to make a special Xmas announcement, but since you guys beat me to it: Merry Christmas and happy new year. Stefan
  14. Could you set it to allow redirects for certain sites? I know many times you can tell browsers that certain websites are trusted. Stef
  15. On the Mac I will flip between Firefox and Safari. On PC I use Firefox but test on IE7. Stefan
  16. What browser are you using, and why? ... Given that there are plenty of browsers that redirect. Stefan
  17. Hi, You don't need to further your Javascript, if you want to learn PHP or build a forum. Given that you know a little DOM, I would be moving into PHP: www.killerphp.com ... And I would also look at JQuery for your continued exploration of Javascript. JQuery is a very popular Javascript/Ajax library that makes creating all kinds of Web 2.0 widgets really easy - there is no sense to building these things from scratch. That brings me to my next point: don't build a forum for scratch! There are so many free open source forums out there, that it would be a classic case of 'reinven
  18. There is one thing I can tell you ... Firefox on the Mac is terrible. ... Crashes all the time. Stefan
  19. Hmmm, I looked at that, but the people who wrote this forum seem to recommend against it. That said, the old forum made us wait 3 seconds, so this is much faster. Stefan
  20. We do have 'New Posts' and 'Active Topics' as the top of the page that should satisfy that ... no? Please remind me in the new year to look into putting the top 5 'active topics': http://www.killersites.com/forums/search/recent/ ... on the home page. Stefan
  21. H JBall, Yes. That is something I'm going to take care of over the next couple of weeks. As you probably know, we are in the middle of a total re-skin of all the killersites web sites. As we update the pages, these old links will be updated. Thanks for pointing this out. Stefan
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