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  1. My courses teach the fundamentals of freelancing ... this has not changed for the vast majority of projects. What you describe are specializations.
  2. First draft should be functional website ... but rough. You should have been paid the 33% before delivering the first draft ... as you know. Order of payment should be followed ... as detailed in the Freelance course. Sorry for the delay answering. Stef
  3. Sorry I haven't been getting to this. I will be announcing news about the forum tomorrow in the zoom meeting. Stef
  4. Hi, We are upgrading the public profiles in a few ways: You will be able to link to you LinkedIn accounts. You will have private and public views of your data in StudioWeb. Your certificates will be verifiable in your public profile. Stef
  5. I am waking up the forum after letting is sleep for a long while. It makes sense now. Big upgrades coming.
  6. Hi, I think I got to you in email! Yes, I had this forum basically in sleepy mode ... but I am going to be waking it back up. Some big upgrades are coming and I will be letting people know. Stef
  7. Hi! I am recommending that you don't do these classic courses because you don't need to: Build a Content Management System. Build a Paypal Shopping Cart. Wordpress Theme Building. They are no longer required as long as you do the Foundation courses and all the projects they contain. Stef
  8. Sorry for the delay. The forum was in archive ... but now I am beginning the process to wake it up. Stef
  9. Hi, I will no longer support the classic courses because: They are classic! They are not needed to get up and running as a developer. There are plenty of coding opportunities in the with the up-to-date Foundation courses. The classic courses I do not recommend are: PHP shopping cart. Build a Content Management System. Wordpress Themes. Once you do my Foundation courses, you will be ready to start coding professionally. Stef
  10. Hi, I will have to look into it. The classic tutorials are ... classic. I don't track those as I do the fundamentals lessons.
  11. Hi! I am upgrading the forum and will be bringing back awareness to it. Thanks for joining. Stef
  12. How do you like this ReadIt format?
  13. Hi, Very soon. I will announce it in the newsletter. Stef
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