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  1. Broke my fast with two slices of rhubarb pie ... now I am feeling it! 🤪

    1. Harry


      I take it that the pie wasn't sugar free.

    2. administrator


      Nope. But I survived. 

  2. The Internet is sloooow today ... it's all that distance learning!


  3. I just updated the forum and we decided to breath life back into it! You will now find exclusive content here that you will not find on my YouTube channels. Thanks!

  4. Just super backedup with work ... activating schools.

    Going to circle around to add more to the Business Battle Plan by next week. I plan on outputting all the mp3 files as well.


    1. shavers313


      I was wonder why you was MIA. I was trying to figure out why I was paying $6.99 for course that's not regularly updated. jk lol 

  5. Uploaded new video: Ch3 - Lesson 1: How to pick your business

  6. Chapter 1 and 2 are now live from the Business Battleplan course.

  7. Just recorded Chapter lesson 3-4 for the Business Battleplan course. should be live tomorrow. 

  8. The Business Battle Plan course is almost ready to go! 17 chapters of video + audio in a premium forum on what I WISH I knew when I started my first company way back!

  9. Working on my entrepreneurs course. It looks like it's going to be a great course!

  10. Thinking of relaunching the forum.

  11. The forum is in ARCHIVE - only established members can post.

  12. New Beginners PHP course is live.

  13. Starting the quizzing for the new Beginners PHP course

  14. Working hard on the new Studioweb courses for fall 2015

  15. Ben fixed the colors!

  16. Forum upgrade complete but the blue is not exactly our colors!

  17. Forum is being upgraded ...

  18. The book wasn't done. There are 4 edit cycles that will be finished tomorrow I am told! Then it goes to press.

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    2. administrator


      Of course it's about Ninja's and Ninja's who gamble.

    3. beermantm


      I'm going to like that Book!! Gambling Ninja's! That has never been done before! Although, I'm not much of a gambler.

    4. administrator


      I don't know about that; my Ninja friends tell me tales that would suggest otherwise.

  19. The book is done. Just waiting for the word from the editor.

  20. Just a handful of pages away from finishing my book!

  21. Studioweb now integrated with Canvas and Edmodo

  22. Studioweb now integrated with Canvas and Edmodo

  23. Working on this that and the other thing ... but not what I want!

  24. KillerSites was subject to a DoS attack this morning.

    1. khanahk
    2. falkencreative


      @khanahk - Denial of Service attack

    3. khanahk


      hmm. Sounds dicey. I hope all is well

  25. Studioweb.com is out.

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