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    Hi, I recently started the php videos and as stefan suggested to go inside the conf folder and search for display_errors and turn it on, i did it but was not able to see the errors on the page, i was surprised and kept repeating for some time, then when i searched for the word php.ini in phpinfo file i saw it showing a different path --- Applications/MAMP/bin/php/php7.3.8/conf/php.ini The file was actually inside the bin directory php directory and so on, so when i went inside there and changed it , it worked, just thought of sharing it as there are 2 locations where you find the php.ini and you need to search for it inside. the phpinfo() as to from where it is loading... Thanks Amit
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    Hi everyone my name is Colt. I've been a subscriber on Stef's Youtube channel(s) and an instagram follower. I just finished the interactive developer course and am currently working on Studioweb projects. After completing the course and completing some self study I would like to break out and start freelancing albeit it might not be ideal timing.
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    I believe we will have a huge boom after this.
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    You use client side validation for speed and server side validation for security. Sessions allow you to easily store values across many pages. A session is an array.
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    The layout is how you place elements in your web pages, and a template is like a reusable page that uses a specific layout. Templates can either come with the program or can be created by the user.
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    @TwoCats - Hello and welcome , i was also into action script and games development but as flash was discontinued first by apple and then by every one else every thing kind of collasped, i now want to start in web development, i was a member of one other forum and they do talk about knowing backend stuff as well, every one seems to agree that HTML+CSS+JavaScript and PHP/mySql is really very much in demand and everyone is raving about nodejs as well .... I am a subscriber to the IWD(interactive web developer course) I have completed the HTML course and about 30% of CSS course and i can say that it is a great course, stefan has chosen to call them introductory but believe me he goes very deep in to what he called "nerd" topics but not in a rush ... I will surely say for some one who has been there and done that , this will not be very difficult ... Wish you good luck which ever way you decide .... Amit
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    Hi! The cart project, required a few updates given the changes to PayPal since that course was created. Here are the details: Videos impacted: Composer Introduction & SDK Setup PayPal Settings & Minor Changes Steps to Submitting a Payment Integrating PayPal Part 1 Integrating PayPal Part 2 Integrating PayPal Part 3 Integrating PayPal Part 4 On the whole the videos can be followed, but there are few red herrings on the way. And unnecessary distractions. Composer Introduction & SDK Setup Forget Composer, this is an unnecessary distraction and just confuses things, maybe mention Composer at the end of the tutorial as an alternative method for installing the SDK. Get the SDK hosted on Github from here: https://github.com/paypal/PayPal-PHP-SDK/releases I used the 1.13.0 zip (latest version) from this page and it works fine. To follow the videos you would rename the uncompressed SDK folder to 'vendor' and place it in the /app directory. The 'samples' are slightly different. They are now hosted online here" https://paypal.github.io/PayPal-PHP-SDK/sample/ Only one sample is actually used in the tutorial, this one: https://paypal.github.io/PayPal-PHP-SDK/sample/doc/payments/CreatePaymentUsingPayPal.html as you can see it looks virtually the same. If you want to host the samples locally, you can still do that. Go to the main SDK repository on Github https://github.com/paypal/PayPal-PHP-SDK you can see the samples directory is there. I did however have trouble downloading directly from here. For some reason when you hit the clone/download button and download from here the zip is missing files and directories you'd expect to be there, including the samples directory. I have no clue why this is. I managed to work around this problem by forking the repository and using the GitHub desktop app to clone my fork to my local drive. It was then fairly simple to drag the 'samples' directory out and host that with my MAMP/LAMP. PayPal Settings & Minor Changes Do the changes to init.php etc Then the first step really is to goto https://developer.paypal.com/ log in and go to the dashboard (it all looks very different, but it's essentially doing the same job as before). Scroll down to REST API apps and create a new App. A client ID, secret and two test accounts (buyer and facilitator) are created automatically. Continue and make the changes to init.php, v_public_cart.php, success.php, v_public_success.php and m_payments.php etc. Steps to Submitting a Payment This video is a bit confusing now, as the interactive guide is not the same. The vid really needs to be just a simple explanation of the steps used with paypal. Integrating PayPal Part 1 Integrating PayPal Part 2 Integrating PayPal Part 3 Integrating PayPal Part 4 Once all the above is sorted you can follow these video's pretty much verbatim, only there are some subtle differences with the bootstrap.php file that you'll be copying from. It's easier to just look at my m_payments.php file: <?php /* Payments Class Handle all tasks related to payments */ require ('app/vendor/autoload.php'); use PayPal\Rest\ApiContext; use PayPal\Auth\OAuthTokenCredential; use PayPal\Api\Amount; use PayPal\Api\Details; use PayPal\Api\Item; use PayPal\Api\ItemList; use PayPal\Api\Payer; use PayPal\Api\Payment; use PayPal\Api\RedirectUrls; use PayPal\Api\Transaction; use PayPal\Api\PaymentExecution; class Payments { private $api_context; function __construct() { $this->api_context = $this->get_api_context(); // echo '<pre>'; // print_r($this->api_context); // echo '</pre>'; // exit; } /* Getters and Setters */ public function get_api_context() { if (PAYPAL_MODE == "sandbox") { $apiContext = new ApiContext( new OAuthTokenCredential ( PAYPAL_DEVID, PAYPAL_DEVSECRET ) ); } else { $apiContext = new ApiContext( new OAuthTokenCredential ( PAYPAL_LIVEID, PAYPAL_LIVESECRET ) ); } $apiContext->setConfig(array ( 'mode' => PAYPAL_MODE, 'http.ConnectionTimeOut' => 30, 'log.LogEnabled' => true, 'log.FileName' => 'app/PayPal.log', 'log.LogLevel' => 'FINE' )); return $apiContext; } /** * Creates PayPal payment: * * @access public * @param * @return error string **/ public function create_payment($items_array, $details_array) { $payer = new Payer(); $payer->setPaymentMethod("paypal"); // set items $i = 0; foreach ($items_array as $item) { $items[$i] = new Item(); $items[$i] ->setName($item['name']) ->setCurrency(PAYPAL_CURRENCY) ->setQuantity($item['quantity']) ->setSku("123123" . $i) ->setPrice($item['price']); $i++; } $itemList = new ItemList(); $itemList->setItems($items); // set details $details = new Details(); $details ->setShipping($details_array['shipping']) ->setTax($details_array['tax']) ->setSubtotal($details_array['subtotal']); // set amount $amount = new Amount(); $amount ->setCurrency(PAYPAL_CURRENCY) ->setTotal($details_array['total']) ->setDetails($details); // set transaction $transaction = new Transaction(); $transaction ->setAmount($amount) ->setItemList($itemList) ->setDescription("") ->setInvoiceNumber(uniqid()); // create urls $redirectUrls = new RedirectUrls(); $redirectUrls ->setReturnUrl(SITE_PATH . "success.php") ->setCancelUrl(SITE_PATH . "cart.php"); // create payment $payment = new Payment(); $payment ->setIntent("sale") ->setPayer($payer) ->setRedirectUrls($redirectUrls) ->setTransactions(array($transaction)); try { $payment->create($this->api_context); } catch (Exception $ex) { // echo '<pre>'; // print_r($ex->getData()); // echo '</pre>'; // exit; return $ex->getMessage(); } // get redirect url $approvalUrl = $payment->getApprovalLink(); $_SESSION['payment_id'] = $payment->getId(); if (isset($approvalUrl)) { header("Location: $approvalUrl"); exit; } } /** * Executes PayPal payment: * * @access public * @param string, string * @return result object **/ public function execute_payment($payer_id, $payment_id) { $payment = Payment::get($payment_id, $this->api_context); $execution = new PaymentExecution(); $execution->setPayerId($payer_id); $result = $payment->execute($execution, $this->api_context); return $result; } } As you can see it's almost the same, just some subtle difference at the bottom with the re-directs and the try/catch. I did have to fix that bug that was a result of a comma being in the amount (see earlier post for the fix). Anyway I think that was everything. Dave
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    Hi, I like coding and I want to find here a lot of tips. Well, I also need a lot of motivation 😀
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    Hi, all! Well I've had the web developer course for a year now but stopped shortly after starting the Javascript section for one reason or another. My work has put me on furlough for the time being so I thought I would take the opportunity to teach myself the web dev fundamentals and maybe get a couple of projects done as well.
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    Been away a while, when the state installed a new security software that blocked KillerSites. I don't even touch my laptop anymore, so I have not been in since work blocked it. But it is available again now so I am back. Security has fallen by the wayside as the state entity hamstrung my Divisions attempt at having their own security... me. Now I am back to work as a Programmer and training up in C#, .NET, & Azure, as we finally get away from Java and Oracle. So, as I am no longer doing Security, I will no longer be posting much there. Good to be back!
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    I hadn’t even realized you had responded. I’ve since abandoned that home made theme and use a premodern one. I still haven’t leaned PHP. But thanks.
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    Hello everybody! My name is Javier, I moved to the US in my 30's as many immigrants with no money, no english and no family, twenty years later I'm ready to start my new adventure, web development! I have no skills in coding (very basic). I know I will find a lot of knowledge in these forums. Since I was in high school I wanted to work with computers, but never have a chance until now, I love play the guitar and I have an obsession with dominate the Vim text editor (is a personal challenge). My goal is to became a full-stack developer I'm interested in learning HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Python, and some frameworks in the future. Thank you, and let's start it ! (well, I'm waiting for my e-mail to start the classes, I just bought it) 😊
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    Depends on the editor.
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    I think they are generally useful.
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    Thanks Stef will do
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    Hello Stefan, Thanks for getting back to me. No I have not taken your course. I am going to click on the link that you provided and yes I will take the course. I will have to do that over time as I am also doing spring work around home. Thanks , Bill
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    Good stuff. Enjoy the process!
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    Hi all, Jim here just beginning the Interactive Web Developer course. Only the intro done today, will make a proper start with HTML5 tomorrow and we'll see how things go.
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    Just do the first 1-2 jobs for free, so you can train. You can follow the guides and templates I provide here: https://school.studioweb.com/store/course/complete_freelancer Once you've done one or two small jobs, your confidence will jump. Stef
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    I'm new as well. As to your final comment about "it might not be ideal timing". Keep this in mind - 68% of the Fortune 500 companies were started in a depression or a recession.
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    Responsive Web design is the approach that suggests that design and development should respond to the user's based on screen size, platform and orientation. The practice consists of a mix of flexible grids and layouts, images and an intelligent use of CSS media queries website will look great and work well on a desktop a tablet, and a mobile phone's browser
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    Hi, your course is good. but I still find it difficult to understanding css. I’ve done html. html is much easier. if you can help. thanks
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    These are native AFAIK. That means that Swift for iOS and Java for Android.
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    Hi, I'd just like to ask few questions about choosing domain names: 1.) Does .com, .net, .org matter when choosing domain names? 2.) What the difference between Hyphenated domain names in non-hyphenated? 3.) Do you have to name your website like the name of your company? Thanks
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    Reddit is one of the platforms, which can huge amount of traffic to your website and give massive exposure and followers If you want to get lot of traffic from reddit, you need to keep your posts highly exceptional to the users and it is a very powerful social bookmarking website and the people using it are really influenced.
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    Hi there fellow killers. I'm not really new here. I've just been away an awful long time and have forgotten mostly everything about web page building. 😕 I'm an old dog wanting to re-learn new tricks. Trouble is, I'm still in full time employment which has over many years been getting steadily harder to follow my passion of moving markup around, mostly to see what it does. Those days are over, as they are regarded as old school ideas. So I'm here to re-learn. But I won't be able to progress quickly as my job is even more demanding these days. I'm hoping to retire around about this time next year, mostly to get trained up doing something else — though, not necessarily anything to do with web page building. I just basically want to get out of my silly job before it finally kills me. LOL
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    Wow ... old post. Last argument does not need a semi-colon.
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    Re LESSON 1: Event Handlers - part 1 You have two sets of <script> on the same document, is there a reason for that or is it an error or are you allowed to do that? at 3 min mark (bottom of document) and then compare to 3.25 min (top of document) Update: problem solved. In lesson 6 there was additional code not visible in lesson 1
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    Hey there! I used to be very active on this site when I was a freelance web designer, although I've been working full time in HTML email for the last three years or so and my skills have gotten... rusty. (also I have no idea what my old account was so I had to start a new one...) I have an opportunity to apply internally for a role with more wide-spread design work, both graphical and web. My old portfolio site was just links out to site that I did, many of which no longer look like what I made or have disappeared. So I very quickly threw together a responsive gallery this morning that is meant to be extremely simple and to the point. Please take a look and give me your thoughts: http://bit.ly/1ggBxyA This isn't a request for a portfolio review, although if there is something on there that you think is just atrocious you could pipe up, I guess. It's my first responsive site so hopefully it all works the way it's supposed to. I want it to stand on its own and I left out any kind of wordy biography or "welcome to my website" verbiage. I also made it with an eye towards mobile devices, with gestural suggestions etc... Let me know if you think it works! (The resume is a dead link for now while I finish it up...) Thanks in advance!
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    In a nutshell, React Native allows you to build mobile applications that look, feel and perform much more like native applications. Good thing for developers is that they can use almost the same concepts that are being used for building web applications. If you are familiar with Reactjs or come from front-end development background, React uses a virtual DOM which acts as a shadow to real DOM available. When an element changes, that change is reflected on the real DOM by Virtual DOM using a node that corresponds to each element.
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    hi stefan , i purchased your cours , i started getting familiar with python , just need access to practicing patform tnx for ur great videos
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    Hi, I'm Rosi! great to be here. I've been researching and actively doing my online job for over 7 years. I have found for myself web designing, is slow in earning for me. However, finding your niche is so important. Thanks so much, I look forward to your experiences.
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    Great Alex I appreciate you, @administrator please approve my account because my friend has suggested this site for getting best knowledgeable posts
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    Stefan! Thank you for the reply. I tried a few things suggested on forums but didn't work. Will look into the config option. Thank you. Joy
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    Hi, Depends on the nature of the site. If it is a simple branding site, with a few little extra features here and there, then I would lean wordpress. If the customer site was more specialized, then Laravel would be the better choice. Sounds like a good partnership with your wife! Stef
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    Hope everyone is doing well. Good luck on your progress 😊
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    I figured out the issue. In that link the error message provided, it said: "you can't have a file named tkinter.py" which is what I had called my file. So I deleted it but it still didn't work. I reinstalled python twice and and then I couldn't even open the IDLE anymore and I kept getting the same error. Then I kept re-reading the web page in that link and it said "you should RENAME the file if they are the same". Well I had already deleted it, so whatever.... yet I still couldn't even open the Python IDLE. But on a whim I decided to restore it from the recycle bin and , rename it and on my third install of python, it worked. I could open the IDLE and my gui came up. Yay... I'm guessing that even though I had deleted it, I hadn't cleared the recycle bin, so even though it didn't appear in the folder it was still there in a ghost form. I guess. And since I renamed it and my third install worked that seems to be the reason. And now finally the GUI comes up. Maybe clearing the recycle bin would have also worked.
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    Hey, thanks! I'd like to think I will be blasting a path through these forums, but I know while I'm still employed as a postman I gets very little time these days to pick up on what I left back in the days of table-based (steam powered) websites. LOL It's good to be back, Stef.
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    Hello all! I am new here. My name is Anna, I am from Ukraine. I have my own bakery here and I try to develop and grow it, from the very beginning it was just a hobby and then I decided to make it bigger. I always try to find and learn something new in my life so, hope to find it here. Nice to be here and have a good day :)
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    Hello I am a 20something living in New York City, New York born in Italy. I am i love with anything related to IT, computers, UNIX systems, Multimedia edition, legacy brick mobile phones. I enjoying to learn languages (Italian,French,English,German etc..) and making research about their background.
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    Template is a layout that can't be modified. Where as a website layout can be built using different codes.
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    Hi, I get this question often enough, so I made a video:
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    I've just found the download for the sdk here 0.7.1 - scroll down you'll see it. I've not tested it yet. https://github.com/paypal/PayPal-PHP-SDK/releases?after=v0.11.0
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    Before posting I looked at w3schools found 4 same loops, I just thought there might be more, so for now I will conclude that's all the loops there is in JS.
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    I would love to try and help you out - however, I'm still not clear what exactly you want. I gather some posts on the website you provided the link for - but which posts? Where? What? Would applying a class to whichever parts you want highlighted do it? My mindreading skills unfortunately are not nearly as well developed as my sarcasm skills :-) --- However - aside from your background question, looking at your site briefly, I noticed all kinds of grammar and punctuation issues. You might want to get someone to look things over - stuff like that leaves a very unprofessional taste in one's mouth. Here's a short list of things I noticed: Logo on top usually takes on to the home page - yours is not a link On your landing page, under 'Get in touch' it says: We are based in [geolifycontent id="18283"]. The line height under Dedicated IT Australia is larger than the rest - looks mismatched. The big 'Though our 16 yrs of experience ....' probably should be 'ThRough our... and I'd spell out years and put a comma after experience. At the bottom "Bad SEO practices is missing a 'to' between lead and Google. On my browser (Chrome on PC) in the blue 'Our Offer' box, it cuts off the end of the word 'commitment' Good luck with things - looking forward for some more details from you, so we can help better.
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    Thank you everybody, Never mind I manage to fine the Airline and Hotel Reservations System. :cool:
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