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    UPDATE: Ok, it's fine now, I've managed to fix it, turns out I was modifying the wrong part of the document, I have now activated the displaying of errors! If anyone has any tips on a good ubuntu alternative for MAMP that is as close as possible to the original one, that would still be great, but otherwise it's all fine!
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    Web Developers, much of my posting to date has covered protecting yourself. Lets talk about protecting your customer and their users. I cannot state this any stronger, Strong Passwords! If it takes little effort to break a password than the site you built can be hi-jacked to pass out malware. Database design, consider making it a tiered design. Sensitive data in a red zone, encrypted and password protected with strict access permissions. Less sensitive data in a Yellow zone that has lesser protection and more access and simple stuff in a green zone with just password protection and general permissions. If you use look-up tables that state that "2 = married with children", that is a look-up table and needs liuttle protection. But all sensitive data should be encrypted so that if adversaries do get to it... they can't read it. Be aware of SQL Injection attacks. If you allow data to be added to a website, make sure it is checked. If you allow basic comments with no security, an adversary could insert JavaScript into that comment that does really bad things. Malware Detection - Discovering Cross-Site Scripting Attacks Watering Hole Attacks. I think LastLine blog defined it rather well: "In a network watering hole attack, cybercriminals set traps in websites that their target victims are known to frequent. Often the booby-trapped websites are smaller, niche sites that tend to have limited security. These sites can include business partner sites or small websites that provide specific products, services, or information to the target company or industry. When visited, the compromised website infects the target end-users computer or device with keyloggers, ransomware, and other types of malware." The issue here is really about protecting web sites you build from being the water holes that infects your customers users. Network Security and Watering Hole Attacks As I come across tips for securing your web sites, I will expand this thread.
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    glad I read this post, now I know I just have to wait a couple more hour and until you do todays orders..... Merci..
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    Check out PhoneGap if you want to create an actual app. But more likely than not, just make the PHP page responsive and you should be fine for mobile. Stef
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    There are few ways to handle this. First rule, you can't apply two IDs to a tag. IDs have to be unique. So I would use one ID to apply all your CSS to the tag in question. Or a class if you plan on using the CSS rules more than once in a page.
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    When I try to access http://projects.studioweb.com/dashboard (from the email I received when my account was activated), I get "Whoops, looks like something went wrong." I don't see anything else on the forum, so am I missing something? https://cloud.studioweb.com/ works fine Thanks! -Warren
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    Hi, aquaturtles.com I think is now offline. You don't really need it. I would simply get your own hosting ... you can get it for a little as $2/month. You can try these guys: https://funio.com/en/?utm_source=killer-sites&utm_medium=display&utm_campaign=banner1
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    Switched it up and had hot Chai Tea
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    So far the course is working and I have all the files downloaded. I'm also using PyCharm IDE on Linux. My main challenge is fitting in course time around my work schedule.
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    I started Stef's KillerPython as a programming refresher and to clarify some things in Python. I like this tool Turtle that he chose to explain things. It's less complicated than other tutorials I've seen trying to use TKinter or even worse PyGame. In the attached code, I have functions for drawing a square or triangle making use of For Loops and If Then statements. The first argument controls the size of the shapes. I wanted a way to accept a second argument telling the Turtle to draw the shape to the left or the right, but I seemed to be getting into a weird situation trying to get Words or Strings accepted as arguments. I defined right = 1 and left = 2 so they sort of behaved like integers in my IF statement. Anyway, so far I'm enjoying the approach to KillerPython. As I said in a post on YouTube, I've had some coding classes that leaned heavily on Power Point and were so awfully boring lol. This is much better feeling more casual and interactive. Testing.py
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    Hi, With freelancing web developer, chances of liability are very, very little. It's not like someone can trip over your website and break their foot. That said, be sure to have a good standard contract that you use to avoid clients being able to come back at you after the job is done. ... Basically, you need them to sign off and absolve you of further work once complete. I would consult with local accountant though and they should be able to tell you when it makes sense to create an LLC. LLC's are more expensive to setup than a sole proprietorship and the accounting cost are higher. Where I am in Canada, setting up a corporation makes sense when you are making more than $60k profit ... mainly for tax reasons. ... A local accountant should tell you how that figures where you are.
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    Hi, I am in now. Completed 4 chapters so far and going..
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    ofc makes sence well this could become a pretty good hobby might need some help in some cases but thats why forums exist hehe
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    In the include files, is your class code. It is basically like pasting the code into your PHP page. Makes sense?
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    Hi, 1. Well, just start asking around. Check local job ads on sites like indeed.com. That said, $99 isn't a huge investment in the grand scheme of things ... and since it is on sale, it's hard to go wrong. 2. Courses are updated as they need to be. I just updated the SQL course coincidentally. Stef
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    Like Stephan said: building communication skills is more important than building your own framework re-uploaded to the dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t6k9rglkljgx035/bandicam 2018-02-19 03-58-59-980.mp4?dl=0
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    Just keep going. Do the quizzing and write code. It will stick with you more and more as you go. Stef
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    Hi, For HTML, CSS and JavaScript, the web browsers 'know' what to do because the code has a particular structure that tells the web browser what kind of code it is. For example, with HTML, the tag structure with the angled brackets tell the browser it is HTML. For CSS, it can see CSS with the style attribute or the CSS tag block. With JavaScript, it is the script tag block. With PHP, you have to create a PHP page (ex: index.php) ... and when the web server see's the PHP extension, it passes the page to the PHP engine, and it knows how to find and read the PHP code. Makes sense? Stef
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    No. To track a users friends, that would probably be best handled in it's own table. So I would have perhaps a 'friends' table that would have perhaps three fields: user id friend user id date of frienship ... Something like that. So for each friend a user has, a new record (row) would be created. And then, you would apply an index to the field 'user id' ... for speed. Stef
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    Sorry for the long delay. I get soooo many questions. For me, being about to develop apps was a valuable skill that just gave me more options. I look at coding as one of many: Writing Coding Communication Etc .... How to motivate yourself: Start learning ... say for example, do 20 minutes / day. StudioWeb will be ideal for you, since you can just do 2 video lessons a day, and their questions. This is all tracked and so you never have to figure out where you were. Continue to do you daily training .... like doing a daily exercise. It's only 20 minutes ... and you don't need to shower after! Start looking around for ideas on things you might build. Ask some business owners you know what kind of software they may need, or maybe a small business may need a website. Get a feel for what is out there. Hope that helps! Stef