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    Hi All, My name is eyarie and i just bought the freelancer course. Hope to get to know you all better as we share ideas and help each other on the journey of learning new skills. @StefanMishook, i have been following your videos on youtube for some time now. You are the real deal. Thanks for this product and all the quality advise you give newbies like me.
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    Thanks, after all it was the <style> included in the stylesheet, like you said. Solved.
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    Uk based, tired of the day job driving an 18 wheeler, I've been seeking to improve my dev skills for quite some time. Hoping to get into freelance or maybe a clean finger nail job. Whilst I find Stef's youtube videos highly entertaining - I've not followed any of the advice therein. Whatever the opposite of learning on a need to nerd basis is that's me. Course after course rabbit hole after rabbit hole if there's an obscure tech stack to learn I'm on it. I love thyme leaf. Recently picked up the freelancer course going to try to follow some of the advice therein. Anyway great to see I'll have a lot of freelance competitors when I finally get going but hopefully I'll find some collaborators too.
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    your style sheet should not have this syntax: <style> </style> just do it like this: body { background: url("images/background-forum.jpg"); } and include it in your html head: <link href="pathTo/style.css" media="all" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
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    Hi Stef I solved the problem. The tab in Sublime Text where I was editing the my_friends.html code was not affecting the code in the sub_pages folder for some reason. When I checked the source code from the web page itself the ../ was not present even though it was in the code editor. Once I closed the tab and dragged it back into Sublime Text from the sub_pages folder it all began to work fine. Thanks for your help. Rich
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    I don't think it is bad. I think though that it has to be used with a lighter touch than what you typically see. I've addressed this in my videos on OOP inheritance as an example. In my own coding career, I would use both procedural and OO programming but leaned heavily OO ... with a light touch. Stef
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    Make sure your blog post delivers the information which adds value for end users. Also ensure that you submit your blog post link in the appropriate category.
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    Hi, Every web designer has their own preferred method of doing things. Some use Photoshop while others who are more comfortable with code, will start with some web template, and then tweak the structure and design from there.
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    Yes, Reddit is a best channel to increase traffic to your website. If you create a quality content in the website blog post and share it on Reddit, this way is right get traffic from there or if you share your product or services page link then Reddit has very strong policies and maybe it will ban you.
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    No worries Stef, I'll write up some instructions. I have it all working as expected.
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    Hey! Thanks for posting this! And please, keep me in the loop, if you like, in terms of what needs to be changed. Much appreciated!
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    bug fixed: here is my new checkout.php <?php include('app/init.php'); if(isset($_POST)) { // create Payment Object include('app/models/m_payments.php'); $Payments = new Payments(); // get item data $items = $Cart->get(); // get details $details['subtotal'] = $Cart->get_total_cost(); $details['shipping'] = 0; foreach ($items as $item) { $details['shipping'] += $Cart->get_shipping_cost($item['price']); } $details['shipping'] = number_format($details['shipping'], 2, '.', ''); $details['tax'] = number_format($details['subtotal'] * SHOP_TAX, 2, '.', ''); $details['total'] = number_format( $details['subtotal'] + $details['shipping'] + $details['tax'], 2, '.', ''); // send to PayPal $error = $Payments->create_payment($items, $details); if ($error != NULL) { $Template->set_alert($error, 'error'); $Template->redirect('cart.php'); } } else { $Template->redirect('cart.php'); } note the changes to number_format() where appropriate.
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    Glad I could help and thanks for picking up the course. Stef
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    OK I think i've just discovered the new place under API Explorer which takes you to here https://www.paypal.com/apex/product-profile/expressCheckout/getAccessToken (the second image). I haven't confirmed it by going through the steps, but it looks promising.
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    No worries Stef, I'm on this vid right now "Steps to Submitting a Payment" and it is hard to find the equivalent area on developer.paypal.com in order to generate the JSON like the vid is doing. Yeah it really needs an update. 😄 I was hoping to wrap this course up. Anyway it's been good so far getting my head into this whole MVC with PHP. Up to now I've only used PHP procedurally. I'll keep poking around and see if I can get this paypal sorted.
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    Hi, So I've been checking out the numbers and have found that email marketing is still much more effective that social media. In fact, some people say it can be as much as 30-40x more effective! ... The problem is, you have to get those email addresses! So how do you do that? Build a content rich site. Use social media to get some attention. Have good spam filters in place so your list of emails/subscribers doesn't get polluted with the fake accounts. This is a problem btw that everyone on the Web faces. Even Facebook has admitted that a huge percentage of their users are just fake accounts. At killersites, I ignored this whole thing for years ... I let the lists go bad and now we are playing catch-up after years of neglect. The problem with not keeping your lists and user-base clean ... is that the spammers saturate things and the real people get lost. Stefan
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    Hi, Rashomon $60k per year is average. Definitely, around 25%-30% freelancers are making more the 100K per year. Rashomon It all depends on the skills. If you have experience ( around 3-5 years) and skills, just go for freelancing after building some contacts. Keep one thing in mind in freelancing you will earn more than a regular job. It's just a matter of getting clients. Please let me know about your skill level and experience surely I will help you with other questions.
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    Hello Stefan. Greetings from Tasmania. Same as others above. I have already sent email. :) Please note email was from my gmail, the email associated with purchase was my hotmail however, I mentioned that in the gmail email though. (That doesn't read to well but it will make sense when you see your email) . I am liking what I have seen so far.This is off topic now but I am getting quite excited at future possibilities once I know what I am doing. I am disabled and I can really see how its possible for me to develop my own physical control systems that will give me more independence and more to the point completely customisable solutions for others.