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Wordpress Video Tutorials

Blogs are now a fundamental part of the Web (they're everywhere!) and as such, every web designer should know about them.

...This is something I've been preaching for a few years now.

Why Wordpress?

I've decided to go with Wordpress (as my blog software of choice) for several reasons:

  1. It is the most popular blog software that I know of.
  2. It is mature and well built.
  3. It is written in PHP.

So, I've put my videos where my mouth is and created a batch of video tutorials on Wordpress. I hope you'll find them useful.

Wordpress Video Courses

  • Wordpress Theme Tutorial
    This 12 video course, takes someone with just beginners HTML and CSS skills, through the steps needed to build a WordPress template from scratch. learn more

  • Wordpress 2.9 Install Tutorial
    Watch the 7 part video series on installing and configuring Wordpress 2.9. learn more
  • Wordpress 2.3 Install Tutorial
    Watch the 9 part video series on installing and configuring Wordpress 2.3. learn more

Wordpress Video Tutorials

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