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  2. Hi there, TwoCats — Framesets, eh? Yeah, they were a thing once, so much so I decided to tackle them before moving on to tables. I've still got something like an 'internal frameset' on my old and knackered website, but I've forgotten what they're called. LOL I really believe you should one day aim for Python, as it's the thing for game development, robotics and well, mostly everything. Though, it probably doesn't compare with the likes of Java, of which I know next to nothing about. Erm, it's going to take me a long whiles to get back into this stuff as I'm still in full-time employment. I'm thinking of hanging up me old mailbag (as I'm a postie) sometime next year, so I should maybe have a good amount of time to devote to all aspects / concepts concerning web page building. I love the idea of grids and flexbox for layouts and whatever. I've often dreamed of getting back into this stuff. I know I can do it, as I once did from framesets to table-based layouts and onto float-based layouts. I've just got to do it the next time with a little more deeper understanding than just say, dipping in and out of stuff when I need to implement it like, a bit of PHP, Flash and God knows what else. LOL Having said that, if I can leave my job with no more health issues, I'm thinking of learning another trade like carpentry and joinery. Though, I'm not sure which is more fanciful wishful thinking; getting back into web page building or getting into building stuff. LOL
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  5. LSW

    Current Threats

    Kaspersky Antivirus Flaw Exposed Users to Cross-Site Tracking Online https://thehackernews.com/2019/08/kaspersky-antivirus-online-tracking.html
  6. LSW

    Current Threats

    8 New HTTP/2 Implementation Flaws Expose Websites to DoS Attacks https://thehackernews.com/2019/08/http2-dos-vulnerability.html
  7. LSW

    Current Threats

    8 New HTTP/2 Implementation Flaws Expose Websites to DoS Attacks https://thehackernews.com/2019/08/http2-dos-vulnerability.html
  8. Framesets! Wow I forgot about those. 2+ html pages displayed at once! Fancy stuff. Getting nostalgic here lol.
  9. Hi, Amit, That's cool. I'm interested in learning some PHP and DB stuff. Maybe even working with flat files. DBs are a bit spooky to me, but I'm sure very useful to know. I'm very into game design - I'm more on the creative side, though. I never looked into flash game creation, though. I've looked more at stuff like Unreal Engine, or Unity, or even Godot whose language is based on Python. I'll probably get going with one of the courses next week, when payday comes around. Thanks!
  10. MacRankinZ

    MacRankin Returns... Sort of. LOL

    Hey, thanks! I'd like to think I will be blasting a path through these forums, but I know while I'm still employed as a postman I gets very little time these days to pick up on what I left back in the days of table-based (steam powered) websites. LOL It's good to be back, Stef.
  11. Hello TwoCats All my experience went down the pan years ago — silly mail job. Anyway, like you, I've paid for one of Stefan's courses hoping to resurrect my passion of web page building. When I first started, I did it not for a job, but for wanting to show everyone how great my Real Basic programming skills were. Er, which were pretty awful. I realised I wanted to get further into framesets, tables and other cool things which are far from cool these days. LOL I reckon you've got the same passion as I once had. Only it's got more revs than mine ever had. Good luck with whatever comes your way.
  12. Hi there fellow killers. I'm not really new here. I've just been away an awful long time and have forgotten mostly everything about web page building. 😕 I'm an old dog wanting to re-learn new tricks. Trouble is, I'm still in full time employment which has over many years been getting steadily harder to follow my passion of moving markup around, mostly to see what it does. Those days are over, as they are regarded as old school ideas. So I'm here to re-learn. But I won't be able to progress quickly as my job is even more demanding these days. I'm hoping to retire around about this time next year, mostly to get trained up doing something else — though, not necessarily anything to do with web page building. I just basically want to get out of my silly job before it finally kills me. LOL
  13. Thanks! Good luck! I'm sure you will do well.
  14. Bladebringer

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  16. LSW

    Current Threats

    Over 40 Drivers Could Let Hackers Install Persistent Backdoor On Windows PCs https://thehackernews.com/2019/08/windows-driver-vulnerability.html
  17. Jodess

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  20. @TwoCats - Hello and welcome , i was also into action script and games development but as flash was discontinued first by apple and then by every one else every thing kind of collasped, i now want to start in web development, i was a member of one other forum and they do talk about knowing backend stuff as well, every one seems to agree that HTML+CSS+JavaScript and PHP/mySql is really very much in demand and everyone is raving about nodejs as well .... I am a subscriber to the IWD(interactive web developer course) I have completed the HTML course and about 30% of CSS course and i can say that it is a great course, stefan has chosen to call them introductory but believe me he goes very deep in to what he called "nerd" topics but not in a rush ... I will surely say for some one who has been there and done that , this will not be very difficult ... Wish you good luck which ever way you decide .... Amit
  21. Nice ... you're an old-timer like me! Things are much better. Yes, if you combine that with other skills like social media marketing, wordpress setup, hosting setup. But if you get into PHP you expand you possibilities. Take my full stack course ... it will give you what you need: https://shop.killervideostore.com/ My freelance course will help a lot as well: https://www.killervideostore.com/video-courses/complete-freelancer.php Stef
  22. administrator

    Having difficulty understanding PHP syntax..

    Hi, Sorry for the delay. Sometimes you have to write code blindly .... as you go. It is important to write the code and see the errors, as it will train your brain. So just go through the process of working with the first few basic projects. Be sure to watch the projects video on the home page, it tells you how to use the projects. Stef
  23. dorrismillerrr123

    Can put up a site but know no SEO

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  24. dorrismillerrr123

    What do you think?

    Looking at what month of pregnancy your sister is. But by law, pregnant women cannot be fired. When I was pregnant, I worked up to 8 months.
  25. AmitKumar

    StudioWeb does not recognized a course completed

    I completed the HTML course yesterday, it has showed it as complete and every thing is as it should be great course so far , thank you stefan ... Amit
  26. Hey guys and gals, before I ask, I do want to point out that PHP and JS seems very AWESOME to me and I really want to learn it. LIKE REALLY BAD. I am willing to do whatever I can to learn what I need to learn! So I just finished the 3rd project. Which is PHP Tag Cloud. And I am still having some trouble understanding what's going on within the code. For example, I am understanding the concepts of a 'loop' or 'if' and 'else', and 'while.' I get what they are doing. But, when it comes to the code itself(syntax), I am still pretty lost. In this example below, I am totally lost as far as the syntax, but I understand what we are trying to achieve. (this is a snippet of code from the downloaded zip file, not from my version of code) function get_tags() { $this->tags = array(); $this->largest = 0; // get tag id, tag name and the number of times the tag has been used $result = $this->mysqli->query("SELECT posts_to_tags.tag_id, tags.name, COUNT(posts_to_tags.tag_id) AS total FROM tags, posts_to_tags WHERE posts_to_tags.tag_id = tags.id GROUP BY posts_to_tags.tag_id"); if ($result->num_rows > 0) { while ($row = $result->fetch_object()) { // figure out which tag has been used the most often. However many times that tag was // used will be placed within $this->largest for later use if ($row->total > $this->largest) { $this->largest = $row->total; } // add tag to array $this->tags[] = array('id' => $row->tag_id, 'name' => $row->name, 'total' => $row->total); } // sort tags usort($this->tags, array('tagcloud_model', 'compare_names')); } else { // if there are no results to display $this->tags = FALSE; } } // used by the usort function within get_tags() above function compare_names($a, $b) { return strcmp($a['name'], $b['name']); } I should mention I have only been learning PHP for few days all together, only from Stef's course and these projects. Any tips, advice, or ideas on how to grasp it better?(obviously I am going to continue my learning process, videos, tutorials.) I just want to see if maybe I can understand these projects a bit better as I am learning them. Do you think I should continue the projects and trust the process as I go, or take a detour and try and understand some things more before I finish the projects? THANK YOU FOR ANY RESPONSES.
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