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updating an existing site


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let's say i have to update an existing site. the page i'm working on is called programmes.php

i haven't downloaded the entire site to my pc, just this one page to work on it. i made some changes to the text and i added a new pdf file (which i copied to my local root folder first). i didn't download images or anything else from the server, just the one page. i want to make sure that when i upload it, i don't ruin the page. when i finish with the changes, i only have to choose the arrow that says"put files", nothing else?

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If I understand correctly, you will be uploading a changed file to the site?

Be sure to do a backup of that file (by renaming it?) before you place the new one up on the site. Then you will have the original as a copy if something should go wrong, and it could replace the new, messed up file.

Or better yet, do a complete backup of the site before making the changes. Just in case.

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