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The web site http://www.freetradingworldwide.com


The problem, Well first everything works fine on my pc in every browser. Now although when I go to my mac book pro, this is what happens. In chrome and safari when you are on a page where there are scroll bars, when you scroll you end up with a gap at the top and bottom. Meaning that the whole pages moves leaving a gray space.


I am very new to the Mac, I have only been using it for 3 weeks now and do not know if it is just a Mac thing thing.


PS If you go and look at my code it is a wordpress site and I have not gotten rid of all the unnecessary code yet.

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That's just a Mac thing -- not a bug. It works the same way on the iPhone and iPad -- visual notification that you've reached the end of the page. If you are using the trackpad and swiping up/down to scroll the page and reach the end of the page, you may notice a gray texture before the page "snaps" back into place. As far as I know, it only happens when you use the trackpad, not when scrolling using a mouse and clicking/dragging the scrollbar. (At least, that's the way it works on my machine.)


It is possible to turn it off if it bugs you: http://lifehacker.com/5909402/turn-off-elastic-scrolling-in-os-x-lion

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