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Coda (as in Ben's CMS Tutorial)


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I've just started the CMS tutorial.


I noticed Ben is using Coda. I've tried to familiarise myself with this by looking at other tutorials on the internet (as far as I can see there aren't any on here)


I still have no idea how he just types in html4 and then it automatically generates all the standard html code. In the video he simply types html4 and presses Enter and Coda automatically generates the relevant code for an empty HTML page.


Any ideas?


Many thanks

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That's just a snippet -- basically, it's a text shortcut that I have set up that allows me to type a short phrase, press tab, and then have it expand into a larger piece of text that I specify. Most decent html editors intended for coding offer this sort of functionality.


You can also use a stand-alone program that watches what you type, and expands the text once it recognizes that you've typed a shortcut. For example, take a look at TextExpander for Mac or PhraseExpress for Windows.

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