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How can I do something like this?


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There's this website I want to know if it's possible using wordpress and E-commerce to replicate it. the difficult part for me is trying to understand how they made the buttons and transpaprent top navigation bar still while you're able to scroll down the content. Please I have a job proposal to do something like this. Can anyone give me ideas.

This is the link to the website: http://www.hardgraft.com


i have a feeling there was some programming done on the site. My specialty is Flash AS3, Dreamweaver (HTML/CSS), and working with Wordpress templates. Can I do this thing or what? Please help!

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You will probably need some php/javascript programming done to allow users to choose a country they are shopping from. Since that site you provided is done using Shopify, they might have add-ons for this. However, if you plan on doing it strictly using Wordpress then yes you will need some programing done because I don't know if there is any such plugin for WordPress.


As for the positioning of the menu at the upper right, this can be done using css.


position: fixed;

right: 0;

top: 0;


Just add that to the div containing the menu.

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