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WebPlus x2 Question !

Guest lovee

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Guest lovee

Hi, i have a question about webplus x2 ... there something i dont know how to do and i hope someone can help me ...

For example im making a page in 1280x1024 and im using a picture for the background ... but i want all what's outside the resolution (1280x1024) to be one single color .... i have a 1920x1200 monitor ... and it sucks how it looks if u have a bigger screen ... i made a print screen with an example ... and posted the picture here : http://img7.imageshack.us/my.php?image=37218625.jpg . So, how can i make one single color what's outside the 1280x1024 resolution (i made some white stripes to show you the part i want) .... Hope someone can help me ...


Thank you a lot ... bye bye

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I am not familiar with Webplus x2, and I doubt that any of us here have worked with it (though I could be wrong!) I know how to make the change you are asking for in the code, but not using the Webplus x2 interface.


To do that, I would need you to find the CSS file that Webplus x2 generates, and post the CSS code for the "body" element. It should look something like


body {

code here...


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