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Validate before asking for a review

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[The following was originally posted by Billyboy in the FAQ, I find it fitting here as IM suggested. Please validate your code before asking for a review because we certainly will. Also we will check for accessibility issues as well.]


Checking Your Code For Errors


Often in the forum someone will post a request for help because something isn't displaying properly. Fixing coding errors first could save you and the people you are requesting help from a lot of time and trouble. While it is no guarantee that any display issues will be resolved, it is the first step that should be taken when there are problems, and valid code will help ensure your site displays consistently in all browsers.


Online validators offer a quick and easy way to check your code.


The W3C Validators can validate files uploaded from your computer, or online, or by copying and pasting the code.


W3C Markup Validation Service


W3C CSS Validation Service


The WDG HTML Validator also works via upload, direct input or online and has the option of validating the code for an entire site.


You can also check your CSS with WDG CSS Check via upload, or via direct input or online.


There is also an extension available for Firefox: Html Validator that shows errors and warnings when you view the source code of a web page. And Firefox's Web Developer Toolbar has menu options for validating (x)html and CSS via the W3C Validators.


Edit: There is also the Web Accessibility Toolbar (WAT) which is much like the Firefox Web Developer extention that is available for IE as well as Opera. LSW


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