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Help with the CMS tutorial

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Dear Ben,


I would like to thank you for the wonderful lesson. I followd it, i'am now starting to customize it.



I need to add a feature that allows users to create a page. and let them choose if it is a parent or a child. Like wordpress does it.


Can you or anybody else help me



Thanks in advance,







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Glad to hear you found the series useful.


Personally, before you do any of this, I would at least consider using Wordpress with a shopping cart plugin or a similar Ecommerce/CMS platform. Don't re-invent the wheel if you don't have to.


In regards to your question, you'd need to have a "pages" table in your database which would contain all the information about each page, an ID value for each page (using a auto-incrementing key) and a column for specifying a parent page. Each page would have a numeric ID associated with it, and then you could specify if a child page had a parent page by specifying the parent page's id. For example:


Parent page:

ID: 1

Parent Page: --

Content: content here...


Child Page:

ID: 2

Parent Page: 1

Content: subpage content here...


I think the main challenge is not the initial setup of the table and indicating which pages are children or parents, but accessing the database and pulling all the right data to form a navigation structure. It will be a lot easier if you only have a parent/child relationship, but if you might have a multilevel structure where a parent page has children, and the children page also has children, it'll get a lot more complicated.


There's probably a lot more to it than that, but hopefully that will get you started?

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