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Looking for some guidance on a database for my website

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Hey all! Ok here's the deal, I'm a front end web designer (HTML + CSS = :) PHP/MYSQL/RUBY/JAVA = :(


I work for a furniture retailer and we want to be able to have a database of all of the pieces we carry so people can browse around and search. We don't currently need a shopping cart but may go that route down the road.


We just need to be able to (as easily as possible) Add items and images and then be able to display them in a categorized & searchable fashion.


Should We just look on Elance for someone to design a backend? Is there some kind of Open source or already available solution for this?


Thanks in advance for any help you guys can give

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Unless you are needing something super complicated, I'd stay away from Magento personally. It's pretty powerful, but the learning curve is pretty steep in my opinion. At least, that was my experience in the one Magento project I have worked on.



Ok Thanks! Yeah, I've dabbled with OSCommerce and Magento, both were absolute HEADACHES which is why I'm hesitant to use them. Does anyone have any suggests of a good clean simple shopping cart CMS? I'm also looking into Shopping Cart/Catalogue Plugins for Drupal, Wordpress or Joomla....


I really wish I could just download a simple "PHP catalogue" template. One page with a category menu and a search bar. Argg.

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