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Encode email address, but don?t open email client when clicked on?


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There are quite a few sites that will let you encode your email address via JavaScript to show it on a web site without bots being able to find it, & therefore spam it (or at least it stems the tide).


When you click on them it opens a new email message in the user?s email client with the email address in the ?to? field.


What I want to do is display an email address on a web site & encode it in JavaScript (to help prevent spam), but I don?t want it to open a new email when clicked on (I want to activate some different JavaScript instead).


Does anyone know if this would be possible?

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For those of you wanting a function to 'obfuscate' an email address, here is one sample:

// obfuscate emails function

function hexentities($str) {
   $encoded = '';
   for($i = 0; $i         $encoded .= ''.bin2hex(substr($str, $i, 1)).';';
   return $encoded;


$email = "myself@mydomain.com";
echo hexentities($email)

Displays 'myself@mydomain.com' on the html page as output to the screen/page, but the source code is hex encoded so 'most' Bots won't find the addresses. Never any guarantees in life, and the Bots are getting smarter all the time, too.

See also: http://www.jlhaslip.trap17.com/samples/email/index.php

View source that page and look at the Footer code to see a real example in use.

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