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Hey guys I want to build a big project website and my ability with html and css is good I understand javascript and some php and some mysql.


Now big sites like youtube and facebook have their sites made by the user and it display specifically in certain positions on a page.

I would like my site to be able to do the same thing by the user adding the content and it gets put in the correct places and I know I can't just build it in html and css or I would have to hand code everytime there would be a change.


How to go about doing this for a website?

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There are a couple ways you could approach this:


-- Try to build something from scratch using a server side language (probably PHP, though there are others). It really depends on what sort of features/functionality you need, but this could be a time consuming/difficult. You might check out my PHP Login with OOP and MVC course (http://www.killersitesuniversity.com/courses/view/php_login_with_oop_and_mvc) as a place to get started, since I would assume you will need some sort of login/authorization system.


-- You could also find an existing project that has nearly all of the functionality you need, and modify it to fit your needs. HotScripts has a lot of free/lowcost/commercial scripts for you to look at: http://www.hotscripts.com/category/scripts/php/scripts-programs/

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