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Do I need separate Agreements per Project in a partnership?


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Hello Everyone,


I am going to be working or partnering up with someone to work on websites. We are both two separate sole proprietors working under a business name. Through his business this person knows people who need websites. This person does not know how to build websites and that is where I come in. I am not sure what to do in terms of agreements.


I am in the works of finishing a business/project agreement with this person kind of like a proposal with a regular web design client except I am tailoring it towards our relationship etc. This person of the business I would be working with would have another agreement for the clients. My question is, do I need separate agreements per project with this person I am working with or just the main business/project agreement for as long as we are working together on projects?


Thank you for all your help.

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Typically, one contractor working for another only requires a non-compete agreement but it sounds like you both are trying to run a joint business with a business name that is different from yours/his business. If this is the case then I suggest you contact a lawyer because you both need to protect what you have invested in the new business name. Should either one of you ever wanted to part ways, who gets the naming rights of the business?

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