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Dreamweaver Wordpress How to select PHP MySQL Server Model


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I'm running Dreamweaver CS5.5 on Windows.

I've successfully installed

  • WAMP (from PHP Basics Course),
  • Wordpress 3.4 (latest version as of 26 June 2012), and
  • Dreamweaver CS5.5

I've run PHP on WAMP, I can see my WP site on localhost, and the DW install is fine.



Do not know how to set Server Model to PHP MySQL when trying to get WP into DW.



in the Dreamweaver and Wordpress: Define A Site In Dreamweaver video,

the version of DW shows an Advanced tab at the top, and

an option to set the Server Model to PHP / MySQL at the bottom of the Server Form.


My Windows installation of DW CS5.5 does not show that on the form.

How do I accomplish setting the Server Model to PHP/MySQL?


Greater Detail--

Wordpress Install:

I installed wordpress to the main www folder and did a second installation to a subfolder:

C:\wamp\www\wordpress\ and

C:\wamp\www\IM University\wordpress (part of troubleshooting).


I went to http://localhost/ and from the WAMP home page,

Clicked on PhpMyAdmin, and created a new website database (called it imdb).


I ran the install script. Form fields follow:

Database name: imdb

Database username: root (says your MySQL username)

Database password: (leave blank) (says your MySQL password)

Database host

Table prefix (if you want to run more than one WordPress in a single

database) wp-


I created the wordpress and logged in.





1. Site menu, new site

Fill out form:


first site has wordpress in www:

Site Name: IM Options

Local Site Folder: C:\wamp\www\


second site has wordpress in sub folder:

Site Name: IM University

Local Site Folder: C:\wamp\www\IM University\


2. Server for first site:

a. click Servers (on left on Site Setup for yoursitename

B) click plus sign in bottom left of pop-up window

c) Fill out form:-- see below

d) Click testing and unclick remote (pretty sure)

d) click Advanced Tab

e) Server Model: (on bottom) select PHP MySQL HELP--Can't do!!!


Fill out form -- list item c) -- details


server for first site:


Server name: IM Server

Connect using: Local/Network

Server folder: C:\wamp\www

Web URL: http://localhost/wordpress/


Server for second site (wp in sub-folder):


Server name: IM Server

Connect using: Local/Network

Server folder: C:\wamp\www\IM University\

Web URL: http://localhost/IM University/wordpress/

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