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Hi Everybody


I am seeking feedback on our newly relaunched site Nova Car Hire. After a few months of development by the team it finally went live on 9th May last. I am attaching a screenshot of the previous design.


What we tried to achieve with the new site was to focus user attention on the search box on our main landing pages. We also highlighted our USP'S across the pages of the site as well as enhancing our customer reviews to promote customer confidence.


We also tried to make it obvious to our customers in the design that we are actually a car hire broker as opposed to a supplier.


I would love to hear any feedback you may have on the design and any recommendations you may have for improvements


Thanks for taking time out to check out the site



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I'm no expert but having been doing webdesign for 2 years and this is based just on the landing page as the site is massive.


Not keen on the colour scheme it doesn't really say cars whereas maybe something darker with a chrome text look, the content is great and the mascot is cool but again hes not really car realated just a cute dog with a nova tag:P.


I wouldn't have the get a quote at the very top either personally I like to see exactly what your site does the second I look at it so maybe have the slide fill the top then have the quote somewhere else also maybe chnage the font.


Other than that I quite like the site.


hope this might help

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