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calling .aspx page


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hi guys,


I'm just starting out and I've created a template Visual Web Developer and uploaded the code to my host. I've been told that an .aspx page cannot be the home page, but I've been waiting for clarification for some time. The host has enabled the Front Page extensions for me. Could someone let me know the proper html code to use to call the default.aspx page from the index.htm?


The best I've gotten so far is to display the actual .aspx code in the browser window when a execute something like this:





Thanks for the help

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Yes, you can make the .aspx page your home page... or, at least, if the host supports it, which it should, since it sounds like you can view .aspx files just fine. Most hosts provide you a hosting control panel which will allow you to specify what page will be the default. Otherwise, you would have to contact your host and they will need to do it for you.

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My host just replied that they need to move my domain to a MS server to get the support for the aspx pages. Since I didn't know what I needed to begin with, it took the better part of two days to make this realization. Hopefully this will solve the problem.


Thanks again for the help.

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