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making the link stay colored when clicked on

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In word press how can I make the links stay the color that they are when hovered on when viewing the page for the user knows what page they are on.


I would use the class currant in the li tag but I think that the nav is wrote in javascript and I do not know any javascript at all.

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Is there a hover styling in the CSS? Remove any changes you don't want to see.


And come on, by now, you should know that we kind of have to see what you're working on to figure out what to change. ;)

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Just noticed - your post title talks about clicking on, your post about hover.


Hover is what I already said, clicking on would be for a:active.

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Sorry Andrea, I was not clear enough. What I want to happen is to have the link in the nav stay yellow so the user knows what page they are on. I have never had a problem with this until this theme. The theme is Delicate. Again sorry for not giving you the link to the site. I was so let's say getting strongly upset when I came here to ask for help.


The url is http://www.midwestweb designstudio.com/masoncitymotox.com



This is a proboneo site am building, well kinda of I traded ride anytime I want and race for free. :D

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