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JS equivalent of "Echo"??


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Yes, the newbiest of questions, 'tis true, but what is the JS equivalent of PHP's "Echo" command? I know about using the Alert box, but that's not what I want. I just want a simple "Hello World" on the page, not as a pop up.


Now, I also know about document.write, too..BUT w3schools' page on this specifically says not to use it in "live" code because it could/would rewrite an entire page after loading.


Here's their blurb:


"Note: Try to avoid using document.write() in real life JavaScript code. The entire HTML page will be overwritten if document.write() is used inside a function, or after the page is loaded. However, document.write() is an easy way to demonstrate JavaScript output in a tutorial."


There has to be something simple that just echoes to the screen in javascript without causing other problems, no?


Note: This isn't one of those questions where I'm looking for people to ask "why do you even want JS to do that as there are better options?". It's just one of those "what's the equivalent" questions for my own knowledge. Thanks.

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