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Cant get rid of link on top of page

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hi everyoe :D,


i ve just found in my single blog posts that the website url is coming up on th etop. not to mention the post being totally messed up!!!!


i think what is going on with the link is the problem but i dont know how to find it and i have checked all the php files and dont know what is wrong with the wordpress theme. it has only just started oin this . very annoying as i am trying to lauch it for my business.


heres the link


any help would most appreciated as i m not sure what is going on :S


cheers rusty

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I'm not sure if you've posted an incorrect link or not... when I visit the link, I get a page with a red "ARPHOTO" logo and a "coming soon" message.


If it's only on your single blog posts, I would suggest looking at your theme's single.php file. That's the page that displays individual blog posts.

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