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Problem with Dreamviewer


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Hey guys! Im working with DW CS.5 and this morning I

open up my DW and start a new HTML file. And I notice that In my

design view there is no scrollbar and the page has like no limit.

See the pictures. The first picture has no scroolbar and I can minimize

this page how much I want, I will see no borders. Really stupid. But in the

second there is scrollbar and everything is okay, the page has some limit

as you see. What could be the problem?

post-42498-087067500 1332082569_thumb.gif

post-42498-076984600 1332083297_thumb.gif

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The 'problem' is that your entire content consists of 'bla bla bla' and the screen is plenty big to display that without scroll bars. Add more content or dimensions than your screen can hold, and the scrollbars will appear.

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