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build a content management system javascript issue


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Hi guys, I have an issue that I'm coming up with on the content management system setup, I have built out a pretty decent (I think anyways lol) cms from this setup, & have found an issue that is kinda baffling me... I know why, but not sure what to do about fixing it....


if I type


"info   hello <h1 id="bummer">"


in a wysiwyg, or a textbox (maybe even a oneline, not sure) I will get in a print_r($_POST)




[uri] => ticketing

[block] => content_maincontent

[field] => info

[nbsp;_hello_ "bummer">



I know it has to do with the javascript that builds the datastring, but how to resolve this issue?


var dataString = 'uri=' + uri + '&block=' + block + '&field=' + content;


thanks! Scott

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