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Is there a way to tell how many visits a specific page on a third parties website has had over a given time period (eg a month).


For Example: I might want to see how many times a particular blog entry has been read (assuming one entry per page, not consecutive entries on a single page), or how many times a specific item listing has been viewed (assuming no counter on the listing). I already know how to see traffic for www<dot>cnet<dot>com ; I want to see how many visitors have been to http<doubleslash>news<dot>cnet<dot>com<slash>8301-1023_3-57396842-93<slash>pinterest-to-get-beautiful-profile-redesigns<slash>?tag=txt;title


Is this possible via any existing webtools, or is it only something the site administrator can tell you?


Thanks! (and I hope I have put this in the right board)

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