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Wordpress theme, lost link to css


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Maybe, at this point, it may be a good idea for you to start over. If you had the CSS at one point and then lost it - all without header.php - then that may not be the reason after all.


When I followed the tutorials, I found it best to check my work after every step. That way, it's easy to undo whatever caused the problem and repeat that section, but once you are few steps in, it's pretty much impossible for someone who's just learning to figure out which of the last 8 changes messed up everything.

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Dont Start Over! I mentioned this on Wordpress.org Forums.


I found my solution on the Wordpress Codex Wiki.


In your Header.php or whichever youre using, try using

<base href="wp-content/themes/whateveryourtheme/" />

So that whenever you do something like :

<img href="images/pic.jpg" /> it will automatically make your link read the path of your BASE.


Worked for me, let us know!

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