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Hello everyone!


Just starting out and can't find how to chmod some directories. I have a dynamic script I moved on my local server running mamp. Using dreamweaver 5.5 and I can't find how to chmod the directories I need to. I was using cpanel when I had it hosted and could do it then? Is there a cpanel or plesk type system for hosting locally or should I be able to do it in dreamweaver.

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Right click on the file/folder you want to change permissions to in the Finder and select "Get Info". Take a look at the "Sharing and Permissions" settings, and change any users listed to the "Read & Write" option. That should set the settings to 777. You'll need to do this to any files/folders that you need set to 777. ...I'm running the latest version of OSX, but it should work just about the same on previous versions too.

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