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weird bug across all IE browsers

Guest slobru

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Hey everyone


I cannot figure out why I am getting this weird bug in IE. Please look at the attached screen shot, or browse to the following page using any IE browser: http://ola.hallengren.com/organizations.html


For some reason, the unordered list is not aligned properly. If you look at the list closely, when the list goes from "Rackspace" to "Saxo Bank", the whole list shift left by about a pixel.


Im assuming this has something to do with the "idera" image to the left of the list. As soon as the image ends, the list shifts left.


Does anyone have ANY idea why this is happening.


Thanks in advance!

post-25626-064043900 1329115612_thumb.png

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This is weird - for starters, in FX, the sponsor images don't show up at all. I see them in Chrome, Opera, and Safari, so.


I wonder if the width has something to do with the problem - your class menu is 191 px wide, minus 27px padding and 10 px margin on the image. The two images in that div are 180 and 181 px wide - I'd try shrinking them a bit, so they actually fit in the division, and see if that makes a difference.


But why the heck are they totally invisible in FX????



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I tried adjusting the margin and padding to both the divs and images, but nothing helped.


I finally got it working by changing the DOCTYPE from HTML 4.01 Transitional to HTML 4.01 Strict.


This seems to work better, and after adjusting the style sheet, it looks great.


Thanks for the help. Btw, what is FX?

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Thanks for the help. Btw, what is FX?


Short for Firefox.


And now I see all the images in that browser, too.


I have no idea why that change in doc type would have that effect - if anything, you should have more leeway with the transitional than the strict. I'd love to hear an explanation to this 'phenomena'.

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