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Slicing problems for Newbie


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Hi Guys,


I'm learning to use PS at the moment, with the help of the KS tutorials.


I've been having a problem with my slicing. It keeps cutting bits off.


I begin by marking out my guides, and then (with snap on) I fill an area with a coloured box for where I want my picture to go. I think position the picture over the area and use the highlighted square to create my mask.


I also then create a border ('inside').


Everything looks great.


When it comes to slicing it, though, my slicer doesn't seem to get a perfect fit on the photo; despite the guides and the snap being on. Usually the border has been clipped on at least one of the sides.


Manually adjusting it is an option (with the snap feature off) but this also doesn't seem to get the right results. I also have a lot of photos to prepare.


N.B. my snap is 'fully' on with everything ticked. Is this right?


Even if I don't put the border on, I seem to have problems.


Any help with this would be much appreciated.


Many thanks in advance



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See if this helps:


From the top menu click on View / Show / Layer Edges


This will turn on a thin blue border around the selected layer. Just correctly select the layer from the Layer Panel that you want to slice. There after you can slice the image like you normally do.


Sometimes I would turn on only the layers that I want to crop/slice and then do Image / Trim / Transparent Pixels

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