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Linking a .html file to a domain name?


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Hey Guys,


I was just messing around tonight and bought some web space on hostgator.com. I was able to upload my .html and .css files through the online file manager that they provide, but my issue is that I can't seem to find a way to link them to my domain name I bought.


Anyone here use hostgator and any ideas?



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Your hosting service should have given you their DNS numbers (two sets of numbers, one primary and one secondary). You then open your domain name provider's website account with your username amnd password and change the temporary DNS numbers to the ones given to you by your hosting service. Click OK or Save and wait at least a few hours, maybe a day for this new info to get around the internet before you can see your website in a browser.


Assuming that you have used ftp to upload your files to the file manager of your hosting service. See some advice here:-


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Thanks for that info! I got my site up and running but it seems like hosting a site can be just as challenging as making it.


I have 1 html document uploaded and 1 css document uploaded and they are displaying when i go to my site but the issue im having is my background doesnt seem to display through my external css sheet.


i successful have the css sheet linked cuz it is picking up properties for my div containers.


the code im usin is css is


body{background-image:url("www.domain.com/picture. jpg") ;}


for some reason if i use that or even background-color it wont display on my html page... the url that i use is a link to the image... any ideas?

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