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Upload wordpress through CPanel or FTP?


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I am a relative beginner to web design. whilst experimenting I noticed that CPanel (from within my hosting company account) has an application uploads Wordpress in just one or two clisks of the mouse in whatever directory you want.


Is it better to do it this way, or is it better to manually upload wordpress files?


Lets say for instance, if you wanted to use a theme which you intended to edit in Dreamweaver, I suppose in this example you would not be able to use the CPanel easy upload application?


Not sure if all that makes sense - let me know if you need further clarification.

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Either should work. Using the auto-installer is a bit easier, IMO, since it will automatically set up everything for you, and it turns a 5 minute setup process into a 30 second process. Sometimes the auto-installer isn't fully up to date with the latest version of Wordpress, but Wordpress can easily be updated to the latest version within Wordpress itself.


Either should work with Dreamweaver, since in both cases you'll be downloading files from FTP.

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So for instance, you could use the auto install option and then DOWNLOAD the wordpress fles to a directory on your computer so that you can edit them from within dreamweaver - is that correct?


And uploading the edited files to the hosting servers will not affect the content of your wordpress site?

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