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Expanding Tables


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I'm looking for a script that will allow me to expand a table that has a set of sortable data. I've tried to use toggle which works fine when I need to expand/show the table to allow all the data to appear. The problem lies is that when I want to sort the data, the toggle resets back to close/hide thus I have to expand it again but then it ends up back to the default sort string.


I basically need something that will expand the table data and stay open regardless if the page refresh or not even when the user sorts the data. It will only need to reset or close when the user clicks the hide/close button to close it or when the browser window is closed.


Any suggestions?



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Unfortunately, I cannot provide a link to the actual page because it is a restricted access that contains vital personal information.


The sorting is not the problem. The problem is when you expand the table itself but it doesn't stay open when you choose one of the sorting method.


Here's a link to a another site that is using the same click toggle script: chi ccorpo rateapparel.com/branding-bout iques.asp


Click on the first 'see details' and below you will find a table. Now keep in mind that this table does not have a sorter function but if you click anywhere within that expanded area, it closes back up. This is the same problem when you click on one of the sort/query from the any of the table column heading.


Now I found this which brings us closer but we are hoping to use something that will expand fully and retract completely with just a click of the button.

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