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Best solution I would suggest would be to go for a popular CMS like Joomla or Wordpress. There are dozens of great gallery components or plugins for each.


thanks for the suggestion...but the thing is i have very less tym to coverup ths topic so it will take lil bit more tym to implement zoomla n all in php codes...

i got the code with small error.

m posting a part of that code which is getting affected.


$objectIndex = "PHT";

$whereclause = " WHERE RegID=".$regid;

$otherclause = "";

$fields = "PhotoID, BlowUp, DisplayType, RegID";

$result_array = _getRows($objectIndex, $fields, $whereclause, $otherclause);


$photoid_indx = 0;

// ThumbNail, $thumbnail_indx = 1;

$blowup_indx = 1;

$disptype_indx = 2;

$regid_indx = 3;






$aphotopath1 = "../photographs/".$result_array[$regid_indx][$blowup_indx];




$aphotopath2 = "../photographs/".$result_array[$regid_indx][$blowup_indx];




$aphotopath3 = "../photographs/".$result_array[$regid_indx][$blowup_indx];






<div class="album" align ="center">

<h2 align="center">1</h2>

<a href="<?php echo $aphotopath1 ?>"><img src="<?php echo $aphotopath1 ?>" alt="" /></a>




<div class="album">

<h2 align="center">2</h2>

<a href="<?php echo $aphotopath2 ?>"><img src="<?php echo $aphotopath2 ?>" alt="" /></a>



<div class="album">

<h2 align="center">3</h2>

<a href="<?php echo $aphotopath3 ?>"><img src="<?php echo $aphotopath3 ?>" alt="" /></a>






now the thing happening is m getting the first image only for all images like 2,3,4....

i have stored images in blowup column in mysql(wamp) database

the actual thing that has to take place is each tym blowup should b increased by one and will display next image for same regId....

i hope m putting it in rite way...jst tell me whr shud i correct

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