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  1. hello everybody... facing a simple problem.what is the format to make all check-boxes check in particular category.. i have 3-4 categories in my code.n i have created a function check all which will select all check-boxes.bt the problem is that i want to create three separate functions for each category which can select only check boxes belonging to that category... what is the format in js.. here is part of my code // function check all which select all checkboxes function chkall() { for(i=0; i<document.selectlist.elements.length; i++) { if (document.selectlist.elements.checked==false) { document.selectlist.elements.checked=true; } } //php n html coding <form name="selectlist" action="calledlistpg.php?requestid=<? echo $requestid?>&clientid=<? echo $clientid ?>&page=<? echo $page ?>" method="post"> echo"<td><input type='checkbox' name='chkselectmodel[]' value='$regid'></td>"; echo "<td><input type='checkbox' name='chkselectmodelpics[]' value='$regid'></td>"; echo "<td><input type='checkbox' name='chkselectmodelmsg[]' value='$regid'></td>"; echo "<td><input type='checkbox' name='chkselectmodelng[]' value='$regid'></td>"; //cz of checkall function all checkboxes are getting selected...i want to create 3 more functions like checkall which will individualy select chkselectmodelpics[],chkselectmodelmsg[],chkselectmodelng[] I hope u got my prb...any help is appreciable...thanks
  2. plss rep me as soon as possible...
  3. hie everyone.... i want to display images on word document thru php coding... i have successfully generated the word document evn it is displaying all other data from database except images...it is showing the path on word page instead of image... whats the problem...i have used the same path of images in other applications to display images.... <?php mysql_connect ("abc","web","peter"); mysql_select_db("inmatch"); $requestid=$_GET['requestid']; $clientid=$_GET['clientid']; $query="select RM.RegID,P.Blowup from shortlist MT, registration_male RM,photo P WHERE MT.RequestID='$requestid' AND MT.ClientId=$clientid AND MT.RegID=RM.RegID AND P.RegID=RM.RegID "; $result=mysql_query($query); $str="<table width='50%' border='1' align='center'><tr><td>RegID</td><td>Photo</td></tr>"; while ($row=mysql_fetch_array($result)) {$regid=$row[0]; $blow=$row[1]; if($regid) $objectIndex = "PHT"; $whereclause = " WHERE RegID=".$regid; $otherclause = ""; $fields = "PhotoID, BlowUp, DisplayType, RegID"; //$result_array = _getRows($objectIndex, $fields, $whereclause, $otherclause); $result_array="select ".$fields. "from" .$objectIndex."where" .$whereclause; $blowup_indx = 1; $regid_indx = 3; { for($i=0;$i<count($result_array);$i++) { $photo='<img src=// /photographs/ . $result_array[$i][$blowup_indx] >'; $str.="<tr><td>$regid</td><td>$photo</td></tr>"; }}} $str.="</table>"; header("Content-type: application/vnd.ms-word"); header("Content-Disposition: attachment;Filename=shortlisedpics.doc"); echo $str; exit; ?>
  4. i got the solution...now its working properly with the help of jquery...was facing prob in highslide while displaying those image
  5. I tried this already but nt resolving the problem:-(
  6. thanks for the suggestion...but the thing is i have very less tym to coverup ths topic so it will take lil bit more tym to implement zoomla n all in php codes... i got the code with small error. m posting a part of that code which is getting affected. $objectIndex = "PHT"; $whereclause = " WHERE RegID=".$regid; $otherclause = ""; $fields = "PhotoID, BlowUp, DisplayType, RegID"; $result_array = _getRows($objectIndex, $fields, $whereclause, $otherclause); $photoid_indx = 0; // ThumbNail, $thumbnail_indx = 1; $blowup_indx = 1; $disptype_indx = 2; $regid_indx = 3; if($regid) { $photo1=$result_array[$blowup_indx]; $aphotopath1 = "../photographs/".$result_array[$regid_indx][$blowup_indx]; $result_array[$blowup_indx]++; $photo2=$result_array[$blowup_indx]; $aphotopath2 = "../photographs/".$result_array[$regid_indx][$blowup_indx]; $result_array[$blowup_indx]++; $photo3=$result_array[$blowup_indx]; $aphotopath3 = "../photographs/".$result_array[$regid_indx][$blowup_indx]; $result_array[$blowup_indx]++; <div class="album" align ="center"> <h2 align="center">1</h2> <a href="<?php echo $aphotopath1 ?>"><img src="<?php echo $aphotopath1 ?>" alt="" /></a> </div> <div class="album"> <h2 align="center">2</h2> <a href="<?php echo $aphotopath2 ?>"><img src="<?php echo $aphotopath2 ?>" alt="" /></a> </div> <div class="album"> <h2 align="center">3</h2> <a href="<?php echo $aphotopath3 ?>"><img src="<?php echo $aphotopath3 ?>" alt="" /></a> </div> now the thing happening is m getting the first image only for all images like 2,3,4.... i have stored images in blowup column in mysql(wamp) database the actual thing that has to take place is each tym blowup should b increased by one and will display next image for same regId.... i hope m putting it in rite way...jst tell me whr shud i correct
  7. i tried as u said eddie but some prb is thr.i want to extract images from database mysql...dat is nt possible...dnt knw y.... have ny other code in jQuery?
  8. m new in jQuery's concept. actually i wanted to add a code to view images extracted from database but m nt getting the solution in php so m tryng to work on jQuery... I dont have any idea abt it...plss suggest me some code to view prev nxt images of a user from database....
  9. hi everyone! in my project i want to create a gallery...there are many pictures present on a page. By clicking on one image a windw opens which enlarges the image..show it in proper size..now the problem occuring is that if i want to see any pic i need to cancle the prev pic's window. i want to create prev and next link which can help me to view all pics without closing that window... It is very simple to understand but m nt able to sort it out.its same like jpeg images that we select in pc.v can c next images n prev also... all image info is stored in database like photoid,regid,blowup n all. help me with any link whch can open an image and i can add nxt prv buttons to it fast...its quite urgent
  10. Hi friends I am working on back end system developed in php..I am facing a very simple n silly problem...but m nt getting it exactly so just help me if u can...ny help is appreciable... At backend i can modify user's profile which will be displayd on site after my updation...now while writing the profile info i use some html tags like <br><b> and close them properly too....but problem is that after updation,on site all these tags r visible to viewers.... i hope u all get my problem... code is in php...plss g sm soln. i used strip_tags() function in <?php echo strip_tags($moreabtu); ?> but i got this error Failed Query of UPDATE user_master set personaldescpdesc ='A I am a kathhak dancer .' WHERE userid=403115
  11. i used yr suggested code.but it is displaying first value of the array. this is the portion where i defined postarr and shootarr in mou.php. this file adds new entry. $srno=$_GET['Sr_no']; $mou=""; $name=""; $day = ""; $date=""; $coord=""; $client=""; $tel=""; $mob=""; $fb=""; $sex=""; $sell=""; $firstadvance=""; $balreceived=""; $shootreceived=""; $rolls=""; $cheque=""; $shootdate=""; $postshoot=""; if(!empty($srno) && isset($srno)){ $objectIndex = "SD"; $fields = _getFields("MF"); $whereclause = "WHERE Sr_no=$srno" ; $otherclause = ""; $result_array = _getRows($objectIndex, $fields, $whereclause, $otherclause); if(!empty($result_array)){ for($i=0;$i<count($result_array);$i++) { $srno=$result_array[$i][0]; $mou=$result_array[$i][1]; $name=$result_array[$i][2]; $day =$result_array[$i][3]; $date=$result_array[$i][4]; $datearr=split('[-/]',$date); $coord=$result_array[$i][5]; $client=$result_array[$i][6]; $tel=$result_array[$i][7]; $mob=$result_array[$i][8]; $fb=$result_array[$i][9]; $sex=$result_array[$i][10]; $sell=$result_array[$i][11]; $firstadvance=$result_array[$i][12]; $balreceived=$result_array[$i][13]; $shootreceived=$result_array[$i][14]; $rolls=$result_array[$i][15]; $cheque=$result_array[$i][16]; $shootdate=$result_array[$i][17]; $shootarr=split('[-/]',$shootdate); $postshoot=$result_array[$i][18]; $postarr=split('[-/]',$postshoot); } } } ?> all data is saved thru save_mou.php....in this sign_date=$_POST['sign_date']; $sign_year=$_POST['sign_year']; $sign_month=$_POST['sign_month']; $date=$sign_year."-".$sign_month."-".$sign_date; $shoot_date=$_POST['shoot_date']; $shoot_month=$_POST['shoot_month']; $shoot_year=$_POST['shoot_year']; $shootdate=$shoot_year."-".$shoot_month."-".$shoot_date; $post_date=$_POST['post_date']; $post_month=$_POST['post_month']; $post_year=$_POST['post_year']; $postshoot=$post_year."-".$post_month."-".$post_date; $srno=$_POST["srno"]; $mou=$_POST["mou"]; $name=$_POST["name"]; $day = $_POST["day"]; $date=$_POST['sign_year']."-".$_POST['sign_month']."-" .$_POST['sign_date']; $coord=$_POST["coord"]; $client=$_POST["client"]; $tel=$_POST["tel"]; $mob=$_POST["mob"]; $fb=$_POST["fb"]; $sex=$_POST["arr_sex"]; $sell=$_POST["sell"]; $firstadvance=$_POST["firstadvance"]; $balreceived=$_POST["balreceived"]; $shootreceived=$_POST["shootreceived"]; $rolls=$_POST["arr_roll"]; $cheque=$_POST["cheque"]; $shootdate=$_POST['shoot_year']."-".$_POST['shoot_month']."-" .$_POST['shoot_date']; $postshoot=$_POST['post_year']."-".$_POST['post_month']."-" .$_POST['post_date']; now suggest me something..if u r nt getting the code..plss tell me yr ideas...i'l try to implement it
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