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Top III Navigational Menu Not Showing in IE9

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I recently got a new computer running Win 7 & IE9. When I visit a site I built and maintain ( http://tiptongop.org ) the Top III Navigational Menu ( http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex1/topmen3/index.htm ) doesn't show at all. When I click the compatibility button it does show but that button says that it is to be used for sites developed to be viewed in 'older' browsers.


How can I fix this problem and what have I missed since this site was built in '08 and can be viewed fine in IE8? Also, I use Dreamweaver 8 and I hope that my sites are not falling 'behind the times' because of this. Any help/advice/opinions will be appreciated! :)

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The DHTML menu that you are using is purely javascript and outdated. As suggested by Benjamin you can replace that script menu with an unordered list menu that is purely html and css. If you need help replacing your menu let me know.

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