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cant get logo to stay inline with site title

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Hi all,


I can't get my logo to stay put. If I move the logo within the logical div it moves my title down. It sounds like a float problem but it escapes me. Would you have a look?



<section class="container">


<h2>ARJ Communications & Technologies</h2>

<h3>Bringing art and science together</h3>


<header id="logo">

<img src="asset/arjcommunications.com 2011-12-3 10-56-19.png" alt="ARJ Communications" width="83" height="129" longdesc= "asset/arjcommunications.com 2011-12-3 10-56-19.png">





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Hopefully you have <section class="container"> closed.

.container {
width: /* total width */
.contaner section {
width: /* part width */
float: left;
#logo {
float: left;
width: /*other part of width */

I'm pretty sure that should work.

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Aside from any positioning issues - if Benjamin's solution doesn't work, post a link - we really need to see ALL the code (HTML and CSS), not just what's in the area - I noticed the file name you are using for the image:

arjcommunications.com 2011-12-3 10-56-19.png

This is the wrong way to name files and you're only asking for problems. There should only be ONE period in a file name, and that's the one just before the file extension, in this case, the 'png'. Also, spaces in file names can cause problems. so you might consider renaming all your images following basic file naming conventions.

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